Just the one stiletto Mr Chan?

I've had a bit of an eBay nightmare this past week. All to do with changing my email address on it and PayPal but the fact that it's wonderfully self-populating fields seem to like to stick in the email of their choice, not mine. It's caused a bit of grief, a lot of emails and some raising and cancelling of invoices but I'm almost there.

It made me think about some of the oddities that you can get with eBay and reminded me of a story.

A few years ago, I decided, for the first (and last) time to buy a pair of shoes on eBay.

I bought this lovely looking pair. Strappy, stilettos for summer in a beautiful light purple. No, clearly they are not the pair in the picture but now I *really* want those!

I was excited about getting them. The one you could see in the picture (which was kind of over the other one that was laying down) looked so pretty.

The box arrived. I opened it and stood back. The left hand one was perfect - brand new - but the right hand one was completely worn out! I mean it, the sole was shredded, straps across the foot totally ripped. Who wore this shoe? Someone with one foot in plaster?

I thought it was a joke or a mix up so I complained to the seller who said, oddly, that I was lying. What? Err....hang on.....why would I lie and make up such a bizarre story? I said I'd send them back so not much point lying was there. A bit of too-ing and fro-ing later and I sent him (yes, it was a bloke doing all the wrangling so don't ask) some photos of said shoes.

Bang to rights huh? It gets stranger.

He emailed me back - and this is where it gets really surreal - and copied in two men from a martial arts organisation! WTF? Had I come across a one-legged, transvestite, taekwondo club?

I replied to his, again, aggressive email and he begrudgingly agreed to refund my money if I paid postage to get the shoes back to him. You have to be kidding me you total loser! At this point, you can well imagine, I'd become bored of the whole matter and for the sake of £6 and a load of hassle, I threw the shoes in the bin.

I did email to ask which of the men had worn the shoe out (and copied some random martial arts organisations that I knew of and a welding company into the email just for good measure - sorry if you got a weird email *cough*) and left it at that. Strangely, I never heard back.

I'm sure there are a lot more odd eBay experiences out there but I think my single shoe must come close to one of the most bizarre.


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