Mothering Sunday

There is something super special about Mothering Sunday when you have little children. I'm not sure who is more excited about it - me or them!

Us girls have all been unwell lately so unfortunately my morning started rather early at 3.30am with the 1 year old coughing. I joined in the coughing chorus at that point and we continued together until 6am when hubby got up. I had been mostly rocking, cuddling and patting her up until that point. It seemed neither of us could lay down properly without a coughing fit starting again. However, I got to go back to bed until 8am which was as long as hubby could hold the 3 year old off from waking me up with her card and presents.

The work that had gone into her card, made at nursery, was impressive and I know it has taken her about a week to do. She even has tried to sign her own name in it :) She went out with daddy yesterday to pick flowers for me too (a quick roadside snatch of daffodils). Well, she wanted to pick the ones we had planted in the garden but that seemed somewhat self defeating ;-)

1 year old had bought a card - very clever of her - and signed with her own handprint. Of course 3 year old had signed it too, just for good measure. A nice box of chocolates came with that one.

It melts my heart having two wonderful little girls beaming at me and so excited. 1 year old has no idea why she is so excited but her sister is and that's good enough for her! :)

The teen remembered this morning too would you believe. A lovely phone call followed by a sweet message on Facebook. So, a fantastic day so far and I'm sure it will carry on. Even the sun is popping out :)


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