Slapped Cheek Syndrome

My 3 year old has picked up Slapped Cheek Syndrome. Not something I was really aware of until I had a friend, many years ago, whose little boy got it whilst she was pregnant. It has also been around her nursery at Christmas but we thought it had run its course.

She suddenly became quiet on Sunday evening and wanted to go to bed early. Monday came and she wanted to go to school but had quite a red cheek on one side. I suspected she had just laid on one of her multitude of toys in bed! Anyway, she didn't want breakfast and was a little more sedate than usual so I told her teacher this and they would keep an eye on her. An hour later I was called to pick her up as she wasn't very well and had temperature develop. Her other cheek had a king of spidery redness developing too. The school suggested it was Slapped Cheek as they had seen quite a bit of it recently.

As a rule, it's a mild virus which causes, as the name implies, the childs cheeks to go red like they have been slapped and is often accompanied by a rise in temperature for which Calpol is the good old fall back. Of course, as with many of these childhood diseases, you only know your child has got it once the infectious part has gone!

What amazes me about this virus is that so few people are aware of it. This is worrying as it can cause problems in a fetus and you would therefore think that the NHS would raise awareness for pregnant women.

I do appreciate that if they were to list every disease that could affect you when you are pregnant, you could find your booking-in visit lasting 4 hours, but there are some that are very common (even if relatively unknown to most people) that perhaps should be highlighted.

So, we are happily snuggling on the sofa watching various DVDs whilst the end of this virus runs its course.

You can find out some more about the syndrome here.


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