Don't use your hosepipe - it will be washed away in the flood

What is going on?  Water companies have put most of the country on a hosepipe ban but, instead of beautiful sunny weather, we are given flood warnings!  What?  Surely something is seriously wrong.  How can we be in drought and yet have floods?

Well, according to the water companies, this torrential rain we have had for the past week is doing nothing because the ground is so dry the water is simply running off and not soaking in.  One muppet on the news the other day said we would need this amount of rain solidly for 3 months to make a difference.  Did you know, they are even talking about putting stand pipes up in a few months time if people don't start saving water?  Can you imaging carrying buckets and containers of water from a tap in the road into your house?  For me, as a mother of 3 girls and a full time mummy who seems to almost permanently have the washing machine and cooker on, this is a nightmare.  It also makes me feel like I'm living in a 3rd world country if I have to carry my water around.  What is the UK coming to?

We are an island - surrounded by water - albeit, salty.  Surely we could invest in a desalanisation plant?  No more droughts ever then.

Or what about the piping they have laid in Yorkshire where they can pump water from an area that has plenty to one that has none?

How about the water companies actually FIXING THE LEAKS!!!  How many million gallons?  30?  Per day!?  Come're asking me to turn off the tap when my children brush their teeth but you're letting enough water to sustain everyone using a hosepipe for an hour a day just leak away?  Physician heal thyself!!  My husband considered putting some copper piping slightly underground all around our garden and making holes in it so that the water 'leaked' out.  That way we're not really watering the garden are we. We are simply not able to fix the 'leaks' just like our water companies are doing. What do you think? ;-)

The worst of this, to me, is that it seems a purely money making exercise again.  My neighbour called the water company to see if they could use their small, timed, watering system for the hanging baskets.  Guess what they were told?  "If you are on a water meter, yes, if not, no".  So, Veolia Water, it's about saving water is it?  Or is it more about the profits you are after?  I suspect the latter based upon your reply.

I don't mind a drought, not even a hosepipe ban (I have plenty of watering cans) if only I could sit out in the garden in glorious sunshine. However, it's hard to swallow keeping water consumption to a minimum when it's pouring down outside and roads are flooded.


  1. Couldn't agree more. How can this country still be in the middle of a drought when we're being pummelled by so much rain???


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