Easter Egg Buzz

Grandparents came over on Saturday and bought each of the girls a helium balloon for Easter as well as an egg. Suffice to say the egg didn't get a look in as helium balloons appear to now be a firm favourite of both girls. The screams, squeals and giggles of both of them playing with their balloons was fab. Better than a Lottery win! :)

Another joy of having children comes with an Easter egg hunt. I'm not sure who had more fun - us hiding them or the girls finding them!

We put the Easter eggs out around the house the night before as we knew the girls woke early and we'd never manage to be up before them *yawn*. Downstairs they came and 3 year old immediately went about hunting the eggs whilst 1 year old 'guarded' the ones that were found. It would have been nice to hide some outside but the weather didn't agree with that plan.

Suffice to say, far too much chocolate was consumed yesterday but, on a positive note, it gave 3 year old enough energy in the afternoon to walk for 2 1/2 hours around part of a golf course geocaching - so I can't really complain ;-)


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