eBay Family Frenzy

I recently decided to root around on eBay and try and find a few new clothes for myself and the girls. I've never normally bothered as I tend to like to try things on. Despite knowing my own size, it seems that shops vary so much. However, this time, there were some great bargains to be had so I thought I'd go for it and it's worked out well.

I needed some new tops. To be honest, when you're paying about £2-3 each (plus P&P), you can afford to take a chance. Everything I've received, so far, has been lovely. Only one was too small and that was no fault of the seller. I'll probably re-advertise that one and see if I get my money back ;-)

I bought my 3 year old some dressing up outfits. Have you seen the price of those in the shops? It shocked me to think they were around £15-20 each. Again, eBay came up trumps and despite losing a good few of them because I was only prepared to bit up to £6 for a 2nd hand item (surprised at how much some went for - you could have bought new for less!) I ended up with 2 lovely new outfits for her which she was delighted with.

1 year old needed a summer coat. I've got a lovely, warm winter coat for her (although looking at the weather, she may need it for a while to come) but nothing for a cooler summer night. I was about to head into town to try and find one when I thought about eBay. £3 later I have a beautiful Next coat that will last her the summer.

If you recall my post on my one time of buying shoes on eBay, you'll understand my reluctance to try again but heck, I sell clothes on it all the time so why shouldn't I buy a few bits :)


  1. i am glad you got some bargains

  2. I use ebay all the time to buy my clothes its fab xx .

    I love your blog by the way x

    1. Thanks hun. I've had some fun finding clothes and dressing up bits on eBay but you do have to watch the prices a bit as it seems people get caught up in a bidding frenzy and you can often buy it cheaper in the high street! LOL


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