Incy Wincy Tree

It has been another lovely sunny day, despite what the weather lady tried to tell us this morning. Thankfully, I am now fully trained in weather forecasting. I open the curtains and look out of the window. Easy ;-)

We had a nice time in the garden this morning then after lunch decided we wanted to get out of the house. I know the garden isn't *in* the house but that's not the point.

My teenage daughter has a new Cachkinz (a type of travel bug) and wanted to take it to a few caches to get some mileage under its belt. 3 year old is scooter mad so we popped that in the boot of the car and off we went having had a quick glance at the map for some local caches.

We managed to park up in an area that I'm not entirely sure was designed for car parking but as I'd seen other people there before, I guessed I wasn't about to get clamped! Off we went, 1 year old in pram shouting for puffs (her normal repertoire when we're out), teen asking how far to the next cache and 3 year old scooting along beside us. Brilliant. We, as a family, love to be out in the fresh air and geocaching is our favourite pastime. Shame hubby had to work.

We were doing a bit more of a new ring that isn't too far from us and it took us on a nice little circuit. Just long enough for little scooter legs to enjoy without getting tired. My shoulders aren't as strong as daddys ;-)

Having found some interesting containers (we let the 3 year old 'find' them) we hopped back into the car then realised there was another cache just around the corner so we drove there, parked up and found that one too. Our last one of the day. Ah, hang on, just before leaving, let's check if there are any more in the area for next time. Yep, one about 400m away. Oh, come on, all out of the car again, pushchair put together, helmet on scooter girl and off we headed for one last cache (really, this was the last, last one!)

Big sis lifted little sis up so she could find the cache. A smashing container which, fortunately, she isn't scared of (see picture)! It was then that we realised we had not brought the pen with us. Teen had suggested that as we were just whizzing down to our final cache, I should leave my bag in the car. Yep, the bag with the pen in it! DOH! Fortunately my phone has a camera so we decided to photograph the 3 year old with the cache to prove we were there and send that to the cache owner. I was about to take the picture when teen said "don't get the location in as someone will work it out". Good point. One non-specific location photograph later, we're on our way back to the car. It then occurs to me that, of course, I'm not posting this with the log so it didn't matter if I'd got the whole route in the picture. Talk about cache-brained :)

A nice couple of hours wandering had passed and we headed home for dinner with plans to do some more of the ring later this week.


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