It's not just about bouncing

My 3 year old had her first trampolining lesson today and it was a great success. I had terrible trouble finding lessons for under 5's around the area. Our local leisure centre do them but, as is the case with most leisure centre activities, they are booked up solid and over subscribed so you go on a waiting list. We are still on it! However, I found a purpose built trampolining centre about 8 miles away and they had spaces so off we went. Of course they are a bit more expensive than the leisure centre but you can be as cheap as you like when you can't take anyone else on can't you.

Like many parents, we've had a trampoline in the garden for a year or two now and she loves to go on it. Yes, I know you're supposed to be 5 or 6 according to the instructions and safety blurb but, let's face it, how many children are? Come on, we did all sorts of stuff when we were under 5 that H&S would condone nowadays and we are alright :)

Anyway, I thought it would be nice for her to learn to trampoline properly. After all, it's not just about jumping high and bouncing, but learning to do different moves and, more importantly, how to land/stop/fall.

The trampolines are over a kind of 'pit' in a specially built hall, so the children can just walk onto them. Super. The class wasn't big (5 children) and 3 trampolines so they had plenty of goes.

I guess safety is on her mind too as she said "Mummy, why don't they have nets around their trampolines?". I tried my best to explain to a rather puzzled face - especially when on one of the free-standing trampolines, three young men started their practice and boy, I thought they were going to touch the roof!

I was surprised at how much they did in the lesson. All kinds of jumps and tucks, sitting down on bottom and getting back up again, going from hands and knees to tummy and standing and falling backwards, keeping your head tucked in. Fabulous stuff.

To say she loved every minute of it was an understatement. She fell asleep in the back of the car on the way home. Now that's a successful sport.

Yes, my tummy turned over when one of the young men misjudged his flip and landed right on the edge of the trampoline with quite a bang. I began to think a net would have been a good idea at that point ;-)


  1. Sounds like she had an amazing time. Will you be having a go with her at some point? ;-)

    1. I do in the garden and, to be honest, I'd love to do classes but my hubby works odd hours so I can't do anything regularly on a weekly basis. I'll have to stick to the garden trampoline for now :)


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