When your app has a mind of it's own

We were off geocaching the other day, doing a little more of a lovely walk around a golf course.  I have to say though, for this bit of the ring, the golf course was nowhere to be seen!

There are times that I am really glad that we check where to park first and so we're near where we left off last time and can carry on a bit of a walk.  This is necessary due to little legs walking with us and little voice shouting in her pushchair! :)

I've noticed that the problem with some geocaching phone apps is that they do weird stuff.  I'm not sure if a 'proper' GPS would do the same.  Anyone enlighten me?

Anyway, we headed off to our first cache of the day. I thought it was right next to where we parked (from the map I viewed) but it seemed it was about 1km up a very steep hill in the opposite direction to where we were going.  Oh dear. Never mind, we'll go straight on to the next one in the ring.

A crossroads appeared fairly quickly.  Well, I say a crossroads, more of a crossing of woodland paths.  However, the GPS app was having trouble settling under the trees and, more annoyingly, the pointer was anything but. I had no idea which way we were going as we'd not done enough 'mileage' to work out which way we were heading on the map :(  I had to go for a punt and we walked straight on. Fortunately this was the right way.

Now, why can't a geocaching app have a simple arrow pointer telling me where I'm going? I know that c:geo goes but unfortunately it's proving fairly useless to me at the moment so I am using the geocaching.com app but a circle heading towards another circle says nothing.  Is it just me?

We managed to find 4 caches and decided to head back to the car.  Little legs were getting tired (and mine!).

As we were heading back, I decided to try and see if that first cache was as far away as it seemed as according to the map, it was right by where we had parked.  Of course, the GPS had settled at this point and it was indeed about 200m from the car, albeit up a 12% hill!  Not an easy task with a 3-wheel pushchair I can tell you.  I let hubby negotiate that one ;-)

Another lovely few hours out and the forecast rain and thunder stayed away until we got home.

I think it may yet take us one or two more visits to finish the ring off but what a nice way to spend a few hours :)


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