The bugs are back so the bucket is out again

Unfortunately for us, our 1 year old has picked up a 'virus'.

I tend to think that doctors say 'virus' when they really don't know what it is or can't give you anything for it.  After all, when we hear the word 'virus' we immediately know we're not heading to the chemist for a prescription don't we.

It stared on Sunday overnight when she was violently sick twice. Poor little soul.  The diarrhoea started the next day and has kind of been there since.  On the Monday, I took her to the doc who said, as you can gather, that it is a virus and to just make sure she drinks plenty.  That's about all she has wanted to do if I'm honest - that and sleep.

She seemed to be perking up as the week went on but still not eating much.  Not a problem as she was drinking plenty.

Today, however, she had a few spoonfuls of breakfast and a bit of her bigger sister's banana and within minutes did a wonderful projectile sick all over herself, the armchair (thank heaven it's leather!) and the floor (damn you carpet!).  I rapidly got her changed and tidied up around her.  She was laying on the floor watching CBeebies and then just rolled over to her front, bum in the air and wailed.  What a horrible, sad sound.  I realised immediately that she'd had a poo.  Odour was pretty foul.  Stop reading now if you're eating...

I put her on the changing mat and was met with the kind of upset tummy I've never seen before.  As I opened her nappy, the yellow, smelly water just flowed out - all over her, the changing mat and onto the carpet (again). It was like someone had poured the contents of her beaker into her nappy, it was just fluid.  I couldn't even fold her nappy up as it was holding so much of liquid I had to just shove it into a nappy bag (we normally just use our nappy disposal system) and straight into the bin outside.

I sorted her out again and got on with cleaning up the mess. She rolled over and...well you can guess the rest.  I've now put her in a skirt (easier for changing), sat her on a folded up old towel and got a very smelly wash to do :(

I feel so sorry for her.  She's clearly got a really nasty bug but, so far, touch wood (well, it's MDF I'm really tapping on the desk) none of the rest of us have.  Mind you the cries of "now wash your hands" around this house have probably scared the bugs away.

I've phoned the doctor but 3 hours later, I'm still waiting for the triage call back. In the meantime, I've got some of the Dioralite into her, she's eaten a bag of puffs and a digestive biscuit and gone to bed.  I wondered about letting her eat but she stood at the kitchen door and cried for food so I guess her body knows best.

I'll let you know if I'm washing cot sheets too and steralising parts of the girls bedroom this afternoon.


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