Game of Thrones

I am an avid Game of Thrones fan.

OK, admittedly, when I first saw it advertised on Sky, I did kind of wonder if it would be for me.  I set up a series link and after a couple of weeks, hubby and I decided one night that we thought we'd give it a go.  We were hooked!  We had 3 episodes recorded so watched them back to back and couldn't wait for the next one.

If you're not familiar with GOT, then check out the official website to see what it's all about.

In brief, the Iron Throne resides in Kings Landing, Westeros and many claim a right to sit upon it.  When Ned Stark is summonded from Winterfell to serve as Hand to his friend and King, Robert Baratheon, he discovers things are not as they seem.  Robert's children have a remarkedly different look than the King himself and resemble Jamie Lanister far more closely - Queen Cercei's brother.  But digging too deep can bring many dangers. How Robert got to be King is not without it's own plots and deceit.  He also intends to try and kill Danaerys Targaryen who has a far more substantial claim to the throne, but she is in exile in the Eastern lands, forced by her brother, Viserys, to marry a Dothraki Horse Lord in order to gain an army.  When Robert is killed in a hunting accident, his son, Joffrey, ascends the throne but he is not well liked and whispers start.  Meanwhile, up at the wall, a huge structure of ice keeping the creatures beyond at bay, the Nights Watch, begin to see strange things happening as rangers disappear.  The plot twists and turns and everyone, it seems, is potentially expendable.

This is just a snippet of Season 1.  Season 2 is roaring along now with just two episodes left.  Season 3 is in the making.

The series is based upon the books by George R.R. Martin.  Having watched the first series I honestly couldn't wait until the next instalments came to our TV screens so went out and bought the second book to begin reading.  I couldn't put it down!  The same with the third, forth and fifth and now I am anxiously waiting for the next book.  Apparently there are 7 in total so I'm wondering, at this point, how on earth Martin will wrap up the miriad of plots that are going on.

Having watched the first series, I told a few friends about it and they are also now hooked.  The first box set is sitting on my DVD shelf :)

If you have not seen it, and you enjoy a great fantasy story with knights, dragons, demons, tribes, plots, twists and intrigue - this is the series for you.


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