German geocache in Spain

We have just arrived back from a lovely holiday in Mallorca where we did our first ever non-UK geocache!

The view from the cache was stunning, as you can see, and my 13 year old daughter and I climbed around the rocks to retrieve it.  A nice easy find but we had to wait for a few muggles to wander past as it seems it is a good photographic spot if you're a bit of a mountain goat!

We were surprised to see that most of the geocaches around the coast of Cala d'Or, where we were staying, are set by Germans.  Oddly enough I thought that perhaps the Spanish themselves would set some caches but not in this location.

It was a nice little cache to find with room for swaps (although my daughter had forgotten to bring her travel bug with her to leave there) and we are very appreciative of the fact that the cache owners did a little English translation for the description and hint :)

We would have liked to have picked up a few more caches whilst there but unfortunately the two youngest girls were poorly and not up to walking too far and we didn't bother to hire a car.  Never mind, one is better than none and we may well go back next year and collect a few more.


  1. I am only just hearing about this geocache idea. It sounds like a fun treasure hunt thing and I had no idea you can do it abroad as well. Sounds like lots of fun was had

    1. It is super fun. Check out for info. Free to sign up and so long as you have a GPS or GPS on your smartphone, you're away :) We love it as it gets the kids and us out and about and we've found so many places on our doorstep we never even knew existed! :)


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