How small is that portion?

On Friday, I downloaded a points App for my Android Phone.  It seems WeightWatchers do not offer an Android App which appears to be an epic fail in their part as I won't sign up unless they have one.

I started to enter in items I was eating.  I was over by about 10 points at the end of the day but fortunately had done some good exercise so didn't have to eat into too many of my weekly allowance (yes, you get some extra points for treats and a bit of a blow out).

The main thing is how shocked I have been by what I considered to be healthy foods or ones I have used to snack on thinking they were 'nothing' really in the scheme of things.  For example, a slice of Hovis White Medium bread is 3 points!  Now, that makes a sandwich with ham lunchtime about 8 points.  When you think I am only allowed 26 points in a day, that's a big chunk!  Even wholemeal bread isn't much better.   I ended up eating a banana yesterday for dessert as I was going to be over by the evening if I didn't so so. Why?  All because I had beans on toast for lunch - definitely not a healthy option for losing weight!  I have added a scan option so I can just scan the barcode of an item and find out how many points it is worth per item/half/gram, etc.  Very, very useful. As you imagine, I've scanned just about the whole kitchen :)  I do love technology so this great for me.

The other thing that it has shown me is just how big the portion sizes I am used to really are.  For example, a standard portion of mashed potato is 30g.  I think I eat about 10x that in one sitting.  What a shocker.

I've ordered some Salter 'dieters scales' from Amazon and they are now on their way.  It will be interesting to see just how big a portion of things I really can have.  

I was absolutely starving last night after dinner. That would be the point I would grab a bag of crips about 9pm or even have a bowl of cereaI. I am pleased to say I had nothing:)  I am sure I'm thinner today :)


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