Points, Calories or just stop eating so much!

I have decided I need to lose weight.  Being a mummy twice in my mid-forties has taken its toll on my tummy and I now have an almost permanent bulge.  Not what I want.

So, I decided first of all to start a bit more exercise.  As 1 year old is toddling I'm not really walking 'fast' anymore so my normal walking about isn't happening. To be honest, it's not happened in a very long time.

I dug the WII Fit out again and the board said "I've not seen you in 847 days" - oops....  Anyway, it seems in that time I've put on 2lb so not bad really.  I am bored of WII Fit so am re-starting Zumba and Just Dance. Well, a girl needs variety :)  I am thoroughly enjoying it.

I do have to do some kind of diet though. Not a word I like to use as I instantly feel hungry.  However, I want to lose 1-2 stone.  That's a big weight loss and needs some serious input for me to achieve it, albeit not in a mad hurry.  I'm not interested in instant weight loss, more getting to and sustaining a good weight.

I was inspired by a friend who had cut out carbs and lost nearly 7lbs in a week. However, carbs are a major part of my diet and our household food intake so although I tried (for a day!), I decided it was going to be too difficult for me.  I had also done some research on cutting out carbs and found it wasn't a very good option.  So, back to the drawing board...

I had a look at some calorie counters online but I recall something that not all calories/fats/sugars are bad and therefore just counting calories isn't a good thing either.

Talking to a friend yesterday, she is doing WeightWatchers. Not something I have ever been interested in as I don't give a fig what other people think about my weight so a 'weigh in' wouldn't mean anything to me. However, they do an online version which I'm going to sign up to so I can monitor my food intake. I also like the 'points' idea that I can eat normal meals with my family but cut down on portion sizes or change part of the meal so it is healthy but not having to cut anything out of my diet completely.  I think if anything is going to work, that might.

I know it's not going to be easy as I tend to snack when the girls have gone to bed and sometimes eat too late in the evening when hubby is home and then sleep on a full tummy. All bad things.

Wish me luck. I'll keep you posted with how I'm getting along.


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