Am I turning into my mum?

I always swore that when I had childen, I would not do some of the things that my mum did. Don’t get me wrong, she did a huge amount right, but there were certain sayings and things she did that I said to myself “I am pretty sure I would I ever do that if I were the mum”.  Well, doesn’t it just come back to bite you as I’m afraid to say, I have – ever so slightly – turned into my mum!
So, here’s a few things that I promised myself I would never say or do:
- Wipe my girls faces with a tissue that I have spat on first.  Eugh...I know. Sorry.
- Shout “It sounds like a herd of elephants up there” when the girls are playing in their room 
- Say “It will all end in tears" 
- Say "Because I said so" with no explanation as to why my girls should or should not do something.
- Comfy is good, particularly when it comes to shoes.  (Ahhhh....kill me now!) 
- Yes, I do get excited about going to the garden centre. 
- I start asking my teen “Who is this person?” or “What a load of old racket” when listening to the radio (I hasten to add that I do still listen to Capital FM, Kiss and our local radio station). 
- I can’t see the appeal of RPatz at all. 
- I will make you go to bed when it’s daylight, I don’t care that it’s British Summer Time, I want my own bit of time and space after 7pm. 
- Use an audiable monologue: “Now, what did I come up here for?"

My mum would have been 85 this year (the picture is of her age 17 in Austria) so, bless her, she had a certain outlook on life which is probably a few generations away from mine and my general age group. I think that many of us in our 40s now do have a much younger outlook on life.  In my parents’ day, life began at 40 far less than it does now.
So, are you turning into your mum or have you managed to avoid it?


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