I never knew that was there

Today we set off to do part of a ring of caches around RHS Wisley.  We had done a little of this before but have to take it in stages as S is walking with us and can get a bit tired.

We parked up at the RHS car park (right at the back out of the way) and wandered aimlessly about a bit looking for a footpath to get to the first of the More Common caches that we were after.  Finally, it was spotted but we had N in the 3-wheel pushchair and a large, 7' narrow, metal kissing gate to negotiate first.  Oh dear, would it be a total decamp of N and a collapse of the pushchair?  Fortunately hubby gave the gate a bit of a shove and found it opened up completely!  Brilliant.  Just wide enough to get N through with a bit of jiggling of the wheels.  Off we trotted, having picked up the first cache at the gate itself.
We crossed over part of the walk around Wisley Gardens themselves and headed to the back of the golf course which became a little precarious, full of annoying flies and very long stinging nettles.  The river to the side of us was nice to look at but the flies around it were driving us mad.  I put the rain cover over the pushchair, much to N's protests, and pushed through as she does like to hang her arms out each side and touch everything!  A few more caches and another gate and we were out of there and into open fields. Phew.

There were poppies growing here and there in the fields but in this particular one, there seemed to be just this one, lone poppy.  S thought it was very pretty and wanted to pick it but we told her to leave it there for other people to see and for the bees.  She seemed satisfied with that :)

We headed off to the next cache and some ponies came along to see what geocachers looked like.  They seemed fascinated as we walked past.  Clearly we were more interesting than the ramblers who had marched past us as we were strolling along :)  Around the corner were some bee hives (glad we left the poppy alone then ;-) ).  This gave S the chance to tell us all what she knew about bees - very cute explanation.
A few more caches in hand and we realised we needed to cross a roundabout at the bottom of the A3 by Ripley in order to carry on to part of the airfield we hadn't done before. Not a nice place to cross but a quick jog with N in the pushchair and hubby carried S and we were safe and sound off down a pathway again.  Another one of those places you just don't realise exist.

N was starting to shout a bit at this point so we stopped and had a little picnic. Well earned I felt it was too!

Off we trotted again but N really didn't want to go back into her pushchair despite the fact that I knew she was very tired as she'd not had a sleep this morning either.  I wedged her in (yes, I did have to try and straighten out the ironing board that babies become when they have a paddy) and off we went, now with her screaming ringing in our ears. Not exactly relaxing.  She continued this for a full 11 minutes, all the while twisting around in her pushchair and a couple of times it looked like she was almost strangling herself with the harness. Talk about tantrum!  As we left the airfield, we headed back towards the A3, hoping dearly that there was a bridge across the road as RHS was just the other side of it now.  If not, we had one long walk to do!
Hooray!  Bridge ahoy!  Another one of those things you just don't notice when you're driving along.  Off we went over it picking up this lovely bolt cache on the way.  N's tantrum was completely drowned out by the noise of the A3 and I was relieved as well as my phone battery was about to die. Note to self - buy a spare and keep it charged.  As we exited the bridge, N fell asleep. Typical! We were now about 5 minutes walk up the car park at RHS to our car.  Oh well, at least it was a peaceful walk and the flowers that appeared to be growing wild were amazing.

This was a 3 hour walk (and brief stop) for us which I am very proud to say that S walked all of.  Not bad for someone of 3 1/2 :)

N is now asleep upstairs and peace reigns again in our household.

I think tomorrow we may go back and do the final few caches of this circuit :)


  1. Absolutely love it :) I also have a blog where I note down adventures, must update asap, loved reading this, i love reading about geokids enjoying the finds and explorations.

    (moonbeams_7/aka angie from gc fb uk group)

    1. Thank you so much :) Make sure I know where you blog is too so I can follow you please (on the blog page of the fb gc group?)


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