If only I'd known then what I know now

I was thinking today about what a pain in the butt it is to have to do some GCSE qualifications.  No, this is not forward planning for J but about me wanting to get a specific job when I return to work.  A teacher in fact.  No more IT sales, product management or cold calling for me.  I want a job that gives me satisfaction at the end of the day!

Unfortunately, way back when Big Ben was a little wristwatch, I was at school and studying well to be a vet.  Yep, I know, different goal back then. 

My parents decided to split up when I was 13.  A pretty crappy age to suddenly have that happen around you (I do appreciate no age is good for a split but very young or grown up does seem better).  My life suddenly turned upside down and from being a rather spoiled (yes, I'll admit it) youngster, I became the person my mum turned to asking "Why?" so many times.  I remember sitting up in the early hours of the morning drinking coffee with her at our kitchen table with her crying and just feeling angry at my dad (whom I didn't speak to for a year - I'm a Scorpio after all!) and then having to go to school the next day.

The result of this, my interest in school hit the floor.  I continued to do well and was in the 'grammar school stream' for all my subjects and was expected to get high results in my 'O' Levels (yes, that's how old I am) but sadly for me, I was determined to leave school at the earliest possible opportunity and get a job.  My teachers tried to tell me this was a mistake. They tried to encourage me by saying what better potential I had leaving with 10+ 'O' Levels but it all fell on deaf ears.  I therefore left a few months before the exams and walked away with absolutely nothing.  My mum had meetings with the headmaster to try and get me to stay.  I was called to the headmaster numerous times to talk about staying on for the exams but I was having none of it.   I left school on the Wednesday and home on the Thursday, sure I was a 'grown up'. How naive I was. 

I did get an A in GCSE English at Adult Education when I left school and distinctions in all my typing exams.  In 2001 after 4 years part-time at University whilst holding down a full-time job too, I received a 1st class Honours Degree, but here I am now in 2012 needing to get some qualifications that will cost me around £200-300 each which I could have had for free.  Hindsight is a wonderful thing :(

Maths is going to be a pain for me because, one thing I said when I was at school and I was absolutely right, was when am I ever going to need algebra again?  Never it has turned out.  So I'm hoping this all comes flooding back when I start the course.

As I would like to teach primary school level, I also need Science but I'm quite happy with that as I can opt for Biology which interests me and I think is a lot of common sense.

So, if you're young and reading this, or have teenagers determined to leave school with no interest in gaining qualifications, please think hard as decisions you make when you think you know it all, often come back to bite you. 


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