Mummy and daughter caching time

Today the weather has been rather odd.  Sunny one minute, pouring with rain the next but all the time windy as hell.

As hubby was home and could look after the little 'uns, teen and I decided to nip out and grab a few odds and sods caches.  This is never an easy thing with the geokids as they have no interest in being taken in and out of the car for one cache and then off again so we tend to do rings or areas where there are multiple caches quite close with them.  So, this was an ideal time for my teen and I to head out.

The first cache we aimed for was quite near a main road with no footpath - another reason we didn't try it with the little ones - so we parked up and went off.  We got to the area and J had fun jumping the ditch and almost climbing up a signpost looking.  I had a quick look at the clue and what was around GZ and found it immediately.  Nice hiding place and not a place I've ever found one before so it was a good find.  Log signed and off we went walking a bit further down this dodgy bit of road (cars are very fast on it and lots of blind bends).

We spotted the footpath and went off aiming for our second cache in this area. I had tried this one once before with hubby and the little geokids but we had no joy. We were a bit put off at the time by the barbed wire that was all around us as S loves to search too.  This time we had a little poke about and suddenly I spotted it.  Why didn't we see it last time?  It goes to show how you can lose your cachers eye at times!

Back to the car and off we went to find a Premium Member cache that I had spotted on the map around the corner.  We drove down this lovely road until we reached a ford (as you can see).  As it had been raining heavily I wasn't about to drive the car through so we parked up just before it. As we got out the map said we were pretty much on top of it.  Intriguing.  A dog walker was coming up the road towards us so we stood and 'admired' the ford and walked over the bridge.  He stopped and started having a chat as his brown puppy was bouncing around us.  J was not what you would describe as a 'discreet' cacher and was, at this point, half laying on the bridge hanging over the edge trying to spot the cache!  Argh!  He did look at her a bit strangely as the puppy bounced around us and I suggested to her we carry on our *walk*!  What is she like?  Anyway, as we wandered off the dog walker seemed to lose interest and turned around and headed back the way he had come.  We sort of hid around the corner a bit then went back to the ford.  J stuck her head under the bridge and spotted the cache.  Fortunately I had wellies in the car so I put them on and did the retrieve.  A definite favourite point for this one.

Back in the car and off to another area.  We parked up and went off into a section of woodland that I had no idea existed.  The cache took us a few minutes to locate.  It said it had two TBs but when we opened it there was nothing. I saw one had been taken by a cacher who stopped caching last year (but they only logged a discover - oh dear) and the other had been recently dropped off but there was no sign of it.  We signed the log and I decided to risk it and put in one of the TBs I had in my possession in.  The cache had no signs at all of being muggled and was in good condition with all the little swaps inside so I have to assume that perhaps another cacher has forgotten to log their collection of the other one.

Back to the car and off we went home to grab a sandwich. Hubby said had we collected the 'one by the bridge' yet and I said no. We decided to head straight back out and see if J could spot it.

We parked up and went off to the cache location. This was my 3rd visit to this location and I was getting annoyed with myself.  J headed up the bank to recce the area but nothing showed up.  Compass and map said we were pretty much standing at GZ.  I carried on looking in the undergrowth and J went across the road and suddenly I heard "Found it mum!" and there she was with it in her hand. It was so flipping obvious I could have kicked myself.   Great find by her and we carefully extracted the log and signed it.

Back to the car and I suggested we do a couple more that were also on roads that weren't suitable for the little ones. We headed up to Hook Heath (posh bit of Woking) and parked up.  At the other end of this area is Woking Golf Club.  This is a nice place to go feed the ducks with children as they have a little pond outside and just around the corner, you can wave to the trains.  First was a nice easy cache to find.  Great clue!  We then walked down the pavement-less road and then down a rather nice private road to the next cache.  What a view!  I said to J that we really did need to win the Lottery as I loved the house opposite :)  Back towards the car we headed and saw another cache quite close.  Another little explore around the area and we had the cache in hand quite quickly.

All done and back home.  Tomorrow we are off to one of these Open Farm events and, it just so happens, there are some caches close by too ;-)


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