No need to cut out yummy things

I am pleased to say that, in the first two weeks of following a points type diet, I've lost 7lb!  Hooray!

I say 'points type' because I am not signed up to WW or any similar programme, but found a freebie App which does pretty much the same thing :) The one I have chosen to use is the Ultimate Weight Watcher Diary on Android Market, along with a Barcode Scanner you install separately.  Definitely worthwhile.  The App is primarily American but it has a huge amount of UK food outlets, restaurants and products on it already and you can add any that it does not.

In my view, WW not having an App for Android is a massive fail on their part as I nearly joined up but fortunately noticed that huge error in their offering. Of course, the big plus is I don't have to pay a monthly fee for...what?...the priviledge of being on a diet!.  Win-win for me as I see it :) 

The best thing I have bought other than the scales to actually weigh myself (far more accurate than the Wii Fit board!), is the little Salter Diet Scales.  These have 5g increments so it's easy to weigh food for a diet.  It's also been a real eye opener for me.

I thought I ate good food - which I do - but the problem which was highlighted when I bought the scales, was the size of the portions I was eating.

I'm not an obsessive food weigher but it has been a shock to see just how much mashed potato is considered a 'portion'.  I must have eaten about 10x that correct amount at any one meal!  As for my cereal, I had at least 2x the amount, 2 x the amount of rice and was amazed to see just how many points were in a sandwich which I had considered  to be a relatively healthy lunch.

The thing I like about this style of diet is that nothing is out of bounds - I've eaten chips, curry, pasta, cheese, Sugar Puffs, ice cream, etc. It's just that now I eat smaller portions or have a banana as a snack rather than a chocolate digestive.

I do miss scoffing a bag of crisps in the evening but if I really want one and I've used up my daily points, I can use a few of my weekly additional allowance to have one so it's not out of bounds.  However, I do think twice about what I am eating and don't just eat for the sake of it.  I can also build up exercise points to give me additional eating allowance for a day.  Trust me, geocaching for a few hours with the family is a great way to build points up even walking at a slow pace :)

Yes, the first week I was bloody hungry. I almost caved in a few times but it was just coming to an understanding about all the extra bits I was 'nibbling' that helped me get over the hunger.  This is the 1st day of week 3 and I'm already in the swing of things happily and not really missing anything.

I will keep you posted as to how I get along over the next few weeks, but so far, so good, as they say :)


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