There is always time for a couple of caches

The weather has been hideous again. You would never know it's June would you. No wonder us Brits like our holidays in the sun!

S has been desperate to go out. Actually, none of us like being stuck indoors, so we decided to put our rain coats on and head out to a new playground we had not yet explored and a couple of caches that happened to be nearby (come on, you know I had to check out the location on the map before going anywhere didn't you).

Hubby took S into the playground whilst N, riding happily in her pushchair scoffing puffs, and I went in search of the first cache which was by Holy Trinity Church in West End.  There were a few young muggles about so stealth had to be employed - which was why N was given puffs. She can sing and shout rather loudly ;-)  A quick look across the ditch to GZ showed nothing.  Ummm....  I had an 'aimless wander' a little further down, dangerously close to said muggles and spotted the cache. It was just laying on the bank of the ditch in full view.  Oh dear.  A quick retrieve and all seemed to be in place but it had been opened. I wonder if a muggle found it and then realised there was nothing of interest inside and threw it back?  Once signed, I placed the cache back where it should belong and we went off back to the playground.

Met up with hubby and S again and went off for a little bit of a longer walk to find out second cache in the area - Hatch or Thatch - which was down a lovely lane of houses.  We really must win the Lottery!  There was this gorgeous self-seeded single rose on one side of the road that just stood out among the greenery.  Reaching the end of the road, we went down a footpath until the GPS said we were at GZ - well, thereabouts as it was not about to settle down in the drizzle under trees :)

Hubby guessed what the cache would be and we started to look. Some great, twisty trees around and lots of lovely hiding places.  Ten minutes of searching had thrown up nothing.  We started to wander around the area and look again.  N had decided, at this point, that she had definitely had enough and was shouting and hollering away.  S was doing her best to placate her by picking her flowers but it had minimal effect.  We knew we had to find this quickly or give up.  Suddenly hubby called that he'd found it.  We went around and he asked S if she could spot it.  Bless her, she tried hard and pointed to lots of different things but she wasn't looking up high enough.  We pointed it out to her and she thought it was great. However, she was much more interested in the little log container as it was a Kinder Egg plastic case and she was sure there would be a toy inside for her.  Took a little explaining.  All signed with a favourite point from me (my 250th cache) and we headed back with N wailing away.  At the end of the footpath I got her out of the pushchair.  Bingo!  She had wanted to walk. I must teach her the word "walk" as my ears would not suffer as much (and nor would the neighbouring houses when we cache!).  She was fine and dandy then and toddled back to the car with us, climbing on every little brick or post outside peoples houses as she went :)


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