Time for a quick cache or two

S was at school all day today as it was their Diamond Jubilee fun day.  She doesn't normally go to school on a Friday, and never stays whole days, but this was different as there was a picnic lunch, lots of Jubilee things to make and do in the classrooms and the school even hired a professional dancer to show all the girls how to Line Dance!  How cool is that?

Anyway, N and I were therefore left alone for the day and the weather was looking a bit iffy to say the least.  She was napping away and I suddenly thought, let's go out and get a few geocaches that we couldn't do with S in tow.

I made a cheese sandwich and a tub of strawberries and apple and woke N up, plonked her in the car and we were off.

Quickly parked up and went off to the first cache. I was a bit concerned that I was about to trespass on MoD ground when I noticed the footpath and the map directing me around it. Phew!  The first cache was at the bottom of a hollow tree. Not a problem except I have never seen so many big, black ants. They were huge! The size of rats I tell you...massive... OK, they were much larger than the ants in our back garden but they seemed to be ambling on their way (these were certainly not busy ants).  I employed the aid of a stick and poked about a bit.  Nothing emerged so I poked another tree and voila! cache in hand.  As we headed out of the area, a lovely deer bounded past us into the woodland and then cross the road in front of us again as we neared the end of the land.  N was delighted to see this.

We had to then go 'on road' to get to the next cache.  This was not a great area to be wandering around on the road as the vehicles were going at speed and the bends were sharp.  We had to cross over a few times to ensure we could see and be seen.  Safely at the next cache, sandwich square given to N and a quick retrieve.

Off to the 3rd of the day and we had a small bit of verge to walk on.  I, however, managed to search the wrong tree for a while before suddenly realising the clue made sense about 6 feet further on.  Got it.

Another piece of sandwich for N and we were off to find our first ever Premium Member cache.  I'd be longing to do one of these since I signed up for it.  We didn't know the area very well and ended up walking round in circles a bit on the footpath through the woodland.  Just as I thought I was going to need to go off the path and through the holly, I spotted another path the other side.  Pushing N merrily through (she had removed her shoes at this point), she was shouting "owch" every few seconds and I realised there were low brambles in amongst the long grass.  Oops!

We reached GZ and I started to have a look around.  Having been scratched and poked by holly, it occured to me that the cache may be on the other side of the track, which indeed it was.  A lovely container too as you can see from the picture :)  As soon as I retrieved it, N shouted "owl" so I guess she liked it too.  Shame the log was so far down the small tube that I couldn't reach it.  To be honest, I'm not sure it would have come out in one piece even with tweezers as it felt soggy when I tried to extract it with my fingernail.  I've let the CO know.  So, I couldn't sign it but I have a great photo to prove I found it :)

Back we went, N now with the fruit to eat, negotiating the road at a fair sprint pace with the pushchair until we reached the pavement.

I'm glad I finished when I did as I suddenly realised I was an hour out in when I thought I had to collect S from school and it was only 30 minutes to go!  We got there on time I'm pleased to say :)


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