Wind and the rain won't stop us...

...we decided to wrap up, get out and do some geocaching.

What a miserable half term week it has been. Where has our summer weather gone?  Well, today was the icing on the cake as the wind is howling around blowing the garden chairs over and the rain is pounding. Having looked out the window a few times this morning and seeing no sign of it letting up, we were feeling rather housebound.

That's it! Coats and wellies on. We're off out.  There were a few caches at Pirbright we never got around to doing so we parked up, loaded N in the pushchair and S and I put our wellies on and off we went.  Hubby had packed a small snack box for us with some sandwiches, crisps and fruit we could eat as we trundled along.  British weather will not get the better of us I'll have you know.

First cache in hand and off we went to the second one. We only had 3 in all to find but hey, it was an adventure anyway and it certainly was blowing away the cobwebs.  Number two was quickly in hand (mind the muggles in the rather nice houses nearby) and travel bugs were exchanged.  Sandwiches eaten, crisps opened.  Rain had stopped which was nice as we'd just popped out of the nice tree covered footpath.

Over a fallen tree we lifted the pushchair and then over a little bridge - not really sure why it needed the awkward stile type thing on it but hey, it didn't bother us.  Our wellies were squelching along in the mud.  Number three appeared to be on some common land but the clue (which we needed) didn't imply that.  Crisps eaten, we went for the fruit whilst wandering up and down the muddy path trying to find a 'bowl of a tree' in amongst hundreds of trees all with bowls.  About to give up when I spotted it.  Hooray!  Right, caching done, let's amble along the footpath to the car.

After a while, I had a look at the GPS and we seemed to be moving in the opposite direction to where we wanted to go. Oh well, there are houses up ahead so there will be a road and we'll just follow that back to the main road and then back to our car.  This was a fair enough thought BUT we had no idea just how far out this road would take us. Almost to the opposite site of Pirbright!

S was getting tired at this point as we'd been out for almost 2 hours and her little legs were aching a bit in wellies, which, let's face it, are not the most comfortable walking wear (note to self: buy hiking boots). Enterprising mummy put the pushchair into a flat position and sat N forward, putting S behind.  Off we went again except this time it really began to hammer down with rain.  S tried to hold her umbrella over her and N but N was determined to grab it and much shouting by S ensued. I was in stitches. The pair of them were like a comedy sketch - neither being sheltered by the rain from said umbrella.  Kids!

Back at the car our feet were aching but we had really enjoyed being out of the house, despite the weather.


  1. AWWW sounds like you had fun despite traditional British weather. Good for you! I have told madam that raincoats are on and wellie boots are at the ready for sunday as daddy is at work and we are off then to defy british weather and get some caches.

    Hiking boots? check aldi, depends if you want to spend a lot or a little on S as her feet will grow quick, but aldi did have some £10 hiking boots in that maybe worth a try?

    1. I want the hiking boots for me! LOL. I don't blame you re the weekend. We are probably doing the same as hubby is working very long shifts both days. I've found another little ring not too far away so we may venture out and see what we can find :)

  2. Hiking boots for you, you could try sports direct they have some reasonable priced ones, mind you ive had mine about 4 months and ive wrecked them, underneath etc, I think I am going to invest in some Doc Martens, only boots that are likely to last more than 5 minutes :)


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