Extreme Chalking (cycling helmet not included)

We love being outdoors.  The girls love drawing.  So, what better than being outdoors and drawing!

It was being around a friends some months ago that I first saw she had a little piece of chalk on her patio that the kids seemed to love playing with and making squiggles on the concrete.  Of course this was no problem because along comes the rain and washes it all away (this was during the hosepipe ban of course).

I had a look around and decided to buy some chalks for my girls.  Bearing in mind their ages (13, 3 and 18m) I opted for big chalks for younger hands to hold better.  We found some by a company called "Be Creative" by Economy of Brighton and sold through Amazon.  We are now on our second pot!

They are great chalks in nice bright colours and you get 20 sticks for your money.  You have to remember to put them back in the pot every day due to our fabulous British summer weather of course ;-)  That or you end up with a lot of mush that you happen to tread into the dining room carpet when you don't notice it stuck to your shoe. Who would do something so silly....?

The girls love it. They create all sorts of pictures and hopscotch.  They colour in our patio, the chalk board we have put outdoors and also the chalk wall of the climbing frame.  Of course it doesn't stop there though. They also colour in the slide, walls of climbing frame, table, scooter, bicycle...you get the idea.  Fortunately a quick hose down or a spot of rain and they have a blank canvas to start again.

Of course you should realise that chalking can be an extreme sport so it is best to wear a cycling helmet when doing this (as you can see being demonstrated here by N) ;-)

If you have kiddies and they love scribbling on anything and everything, I recommend some outdoor chalks to keep your walls nice and clean inside :)

This review is my own thoughts and I was not sent any chalks - they are mine already!


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