Four seasons in one day....again

What is happening with our weather?  We have gone from a mini-heatwave back to Autumn in a few weeks!

For heavens sake, it is now the 1st July and so far today we have had sunshine (the girls in this household are all in summer dresses), wind and, now, it's pouring with rain outside.  All that's now needed is a bit of hail or snow to finish it off. 

I, for one, am struggling to know what to wear on a daily basis.  I start in jeans and a top, change into shorts and then end up with a jumper on.  Thankfully I never got around to moving my winter clothes out of my wardrobe so at least I have a selection of everything for any season to choose from.

No wonder we Brits like our holidays to sunnier shores.  There is no guarantee of good weather anymore even if you book to go away in the UK in July or August.  Remember what a wash-out the school holidays were last year?

This morning we got up to brilliant sunshine and blue skies.  We got dressed, had breakfast and then after a little relax, headed off to grab a couple of local geocaches.  S was grumbling when we parked the car that she was hot. I refused to let her take her cardigan off though as there was a wind beginning to blow and no way was I having any more colds in the house ;-)

Off we trotted and found the details we needed for a short multi - BML1 St John's Hill Road.  Coordinates found, we went down a road we had not been down before and, again, found houses we needed to win the Lottery to buy *sigh*.  The cache was quickly in hand as a muggle on a bicycle appeared out of nowhere as I was retrieving it.  Oh dear.  Signed, back in place and off we went.

The next cache - BML1 College Lane -  was about 700m away so we had a nice little walk to it and, despite it's rating of 5* difficulty, I spotted it as we approached GZ.  Either my caching senses (or should that be spider-sense) are truly amazing or perhaps it needs to be downgraded to a 2* or, maybe, 3*?  If it looks so out of place and can be seen from about 20m away, I think it's slightly over-rated.  The CO is a seasoned veteran so maybe I was just having an exceptionally good day ;-)  Signed the log quickly and back we went towards the car.  At the top of the hill, the rain started.  Just a few drips but by the time we reached the car, it suddenly started coming down quite heavily. Fortunately we hardly got wet. Good timing (although I have an umbrella in my handbag!).

Back home and it was like the heavens had opened.  I am still baffled why our Water Company (Veolia) still have a hosepipe ban.  Having said that, we haven't needed to even water the plants in weeks.

So, here I sit, still in my summer dress, looking out of the window at the sun beginning to shine but the black clouds coming over again.  I think we'll stay indoors for the rest of the day.


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