Geocaching around a Blacksmith

S is at a school fun day today so we decided to get out before it became too hot and grab a few odd caches around the Send area.  The sun was already getting quite hot at 10am so I am sure the weather men will be correct today that it's going to be a scorcher!

Our first cache was Just Another? which we had tried before but unfortunately it had gone missing. Seeing as it had been replaced, we headed off there first.

A look around and it was spotted quickly but how to get it?  I tried to reach it but my arms weren't long enough.  I therefore delegated the job of collection and replacement to hubby and he did the retrieve whilst I sat on his legs to stop him toppling over :)  A definite favourite point from me for this one.  N was in her pushchair chattering away and eating puffs whilst this went on.

Off we went to the next one which was at Send Evangelical Church.  Another quick find along the towpath and we decided to carry on our walk and collect one we had not found on our last walk here.  The path was a little overgrown in places and trying to negotiate a 3 wheel pushchair around the natural groove to avoid stinger nettles was challenging at times.  We did see this lovely duck with her ducklings though which N quacked at and was fascinated by.

We arrived at the cache we couldn't find last time - Something in the Wey #1 - and whilst I searched one area, hubby did another and he made the find. This was probably the only place we didn't look last time.  Oh well, at least the cache was in hand without the office workers getting concerned about our weird behaviour this time ;-)

We went for a walk back along the road past some houses that we didn't even realise were down here.  It is nice to find secluded places.  Heading back into Send itself, we decided to get a couple of ice lollies (for me and N) and go off to do the Blacksmith.  This is a statue that has appeared in Send and currently looks very pretty with all the flowers behind it as you can see in the top picture.  I perched on the fence around it and started to eat my lolly deciding where I would look first.  Decision made, I hopped over the fence and found it in the first place I looked. Log was full so I did an 'initial' sign and popped it back. The rating for this one is due to the fact that you are overlooked pretty much everywhere and on a main road but I think our stealth paid off.  
We're just innocently eating lollies
Off we trotted up the road and round the corner to collect Fallen Birch.  I think this was a self-explantory one.  We found the footpath and had a walk down it peering into peoples back gardens as we went :)  We got to the area and as hubby stepped in to start the search, a very large adder slid away.  I'm not scared of snakes but it did make me think about how much I put my hand into holes in the woodland.  We used a stick after that!  We had a prod around but the GPS had now settled saying we should be a few metres back from  where we had come.  I wandered back as hubby spotted the cache by another fallen one.  In fact, it seemed this area was full of them!  Quick sign and we were off.

We walked along the back of the cemetery and suddenly N shouted out "Teddy" and we wondered for a second what she had seen then realised we must be walking past the section for babies and children :(  It was so sad to see the pictures of the little ones and the pretty flowers, spinners and toys all around.  Made us both immediately say how lucky we were.

Back onto the road and we found the footpath across the way to go to 3 Trees of Ivy.  The fields to one side of us were a stunning green against the blue sky.  Now, I dislike ivy at the best of times as it makes my eyes itch in seconds so I had a cursory glance when we arrived before hubby went in to try and make the find.  There were two sets together and the GPS/compass was bouncing between the two of them.  He spent 10 minutes or so looking and then we called it a day.  Ivy is not our favourite caching hiding place.

Following the path we went back past another cache we had found a few days ago and on to the park where we stopped to give N a swing, before heading back to the car and home after another 3 hours walk in the glorious sunshine.


  1. One favourite part of caching, going to places you didnt know existed :) Great weather we are having at the moment long may it continue


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