Last day of first year

This morning was just a bit emotional. Today is S's last day of her first ever year at nursery. The nursery she is in is part of a school so she is moving teachers and classes from September.  She is quite anxious about this and we have had many nights with her in tears saying she does not want to leave her two existing teachers.  What can you say to that?  There is no choice in the matter and I just hope that come September, she will have had a great summer holiday and be ready to go back to school with all of her friends.

She wanted to get her teachers something so I suggested flowers.  We popped over to our local Longacres and she selected bunches of the most beautiful flowers which I decided I was going to make into bouquets.  We bought the plastic and ribbon and off we went.  I laid all the flowers out on the kitchen floor and divided them up as best I could.  I now have the utmost respect for anyone who is a florist.  I thought making a bouquet would be easy but it is far from that. I am sure there is a knack to it but clearly I do not possess it. I seemed to be short at least the 2 extra hands I needed to hold things in place whilst tying them up.  I am pleased I did it in the kitchen with the door shut whilst the girls watched CBeebies as occasionally I resorted to swearing to see if that helped the process ;-)

S made cards for each teacher (as you can see) and wrote in them herself. I did the translation at the top as her writing isn't always clear (understatement, bless her).

Today we popped the flowers into their pretty bags (I had been super clever and made a little 'ball' at the bottom of the plastic of each bouquet so they each had their own water) into the car, half expecting the passenger seat to ask for a seatbelt due to their weight.  (Perhaps I'd put a little too much water in!)

S and N helped me carry them to the school.  You have no idea how hard it is to carry flowers in a bag whilst holding an 18 month old's hand and trying to help a 3 1/2 year old not bash them on everything we walked past.  We made it though.

The teachers were getting quite a few presents from the girls and it was really lovely.  They took a minute or two with each girl looking at the things they had brought in.   Sophie handed over their flowers and they read their cards.  I felt quite tearful.

We also had a collection for them from the parents and they were presented with a card each and clothing vouchers.  

I am not sure who will miss them most - S or I.  N is desperate to be part of the class so at least in a years time I get to see them both again when she starts nursery.

They have been fantastic teachers and I know that S, for one, will be popping in to see them when she starts her new class - which just happens to be the opposite side of the cloakroom, about 5 steps away :)

I can't believe it's been a year since S started at the school.  My little girl is growing up so fast.  


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