Not your usual sort of barrow

We've felt a bit fed up these past couple of days. The weather isn't exactly summer now is it.  Today, we decided to blow the cobwebs away for an hour or so and what better to do this with than a quick cache :)

Off we trotted to the designated car park to start the short multi.  This is a particularly interesting area as there have been Barrows discovered here. 

Now, what I love about geocaching is not just the nice areas I get to see around me but also the history that I discover.  Looking up the Barrows, I came upon this:

There are two fine Bronze Age (2500 – 700) bell barrows on Horsell Common. John Aubrey visited the site in 1718 and commented: "On the heath in this Parish are two round Hills or Barrows, supposed to have been the Burial-Place for Men slain in Battles". Both show signs of damage from earlier archaeologists or treasure hunters. 

Myself, hubby and the geokids, armed with wellies and an umbrella decamped and headed off to the opposite side of the road as per the cache instructions.  Wandering around in the woods a bit, we had no idea where to go so I re-read the description of the cache and spotted co-ordinates for the Barrow.  Away we went.

We arrived at the Barrow (above) quite quickly. Horsell Common Preservation Society have been working hard to build a path around it to ensure that everyone can enjoy this area and it was well received by us with the pushchair.  We walked past it looking for a sign with the information we needed to collect to find the cache itself. Nothing appeared.  I looked at the cache description again.  Total *palm forehead* moment.  I clearly am not with it today at all!  The information we needed was in the car park.  Back we went.

I collected the information required but could not make the numbers add up to the correct number that the CO had provided to ensure you had the correct co-ordinates.  No matter how many times I counted, it didn't work.  Hubby lent over my shoulder and pointed out the two 'missing' numbers to me.  Oh dear...

Off we went back to the Barrow, which this time hubby and S climbed up and over (you can just spot them - S has the pink umbrella in case you were wondering).  The cache was a quick find and we decided to walk back to the car around the other side of the Barrow to explore the path.

We came across this wonderful seat. It was carved from a tree but I noticed that it only had one support.  S thought this was great.  Hubby said it looked like a wooden diving board.  
I pointed out to hubby that we were going in the wrong direction.  He was sure the path would turn shortly. I muttered away behind him to N who was shouting happily in the pushchair.  We arrived at a different car park (see, I was right!) and followed another path back to where we should have been. N decided to toddle along at this stage picking up pine cones as we went.  

We had planned to head off to another cache in the area that we hadn't explored before but quite a few youths (I sound like my mum now don't I) came past with large amounts of beer and spirits and headed the way we wanted to go.  We decided this was not the place to be at a weekend. We'd come back in the week.  We loaded the girls into the car and drove off home.  At least we felt like we weren't housebound now :)


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