Stick it to me baby

We fancied finding a cache today. This is basically because I have now embarked on a 365 and 366 day challenge for caches so this is one of my, very many, days needed.

As usual for July in the UK, it was raining so wellies at the ready again and off we went to the first cache which quite a few people seemed to have struggled to find. Hubby was confident and we had some idea of what we were looking for.

We parked up in a residential road and got the girls in their wellies but looking at the path we were about to go down, it seemed very dry and mostly shingle so I opted to keep my old ankle boots on.  Off we went.

The path was a nice easy walk with a few muddy bits which we stepped around and then across a little bridge.  The GPS told us the cache was very nearby.  It was called Pooh Sticks so, of course, your first thought is a log of some description. However, we weren't convinced about this due to the number of DNFs on this cache so our brains were working in a different direction.  We arrived at GZ and hubby instantly spotted something which, upon tentative exploration with a stick, I found to indeed be the cache.  Can you spot it? ;-)

We opened it up and signed the log. Neither geokid wanted to go near it which was good :)  We replaced carefully as it was really well hidden and, with the amount of dog walkers around (by the evidence left everywhere), it wasn't an obvious cache.

We were going to head straight back to the car and then I noticed that there was another cache about 500m away as the crow flies.  Of course this was more like 1,500m by road.  We had come out for a walk so we were jolly well going to have one. Off we went.

Once again, we found places and houses we never knew existed around this area.  Sadly, once again, we decided that we really needed that Lottery win! ;-)

At the next cache, Tow to the Foot of the Hill, my phone lost it's signal and due to muggle activity on this stretch of road, we had to keep moving for a while.  Once the coast was clear, we had a search. Nothing.  We searched another area. Still nothing and still no signal. GPS was all over the place and compass was jumping around too.  It was going to be a matter of checking the clue and searching anything we considered the cache could be around.

We back-tracked up the road with each of us darting in and out of the trees at the sides.  Finally, after 100m of doing this, hubby put his hand on the cache.

We walked back via another route taking us round in a circle. We went past what appeared to be the very end of someone's back garden (although we couldn't see the house anywhere!) and there were all these little statues around.  Some were 'gnome' style and others were wood and metal.  The girls loved it.

Round the corner we went with the girls both jumping in and out of puddles having great fun.

Once back at the car it was wellies, trousers and socks off for them both and my jeans and boots were a little worse for wear too as you can see, but another lovely walk and bit of fun was had on a drizzly summer day.


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