Under bridge, over bridge, dangling free

Having found out that our eyes were indeed playing up yesterday, we decided to head out and see if we could grab a couple more caches today. Of course this was also another date I needed on my 365/366 days of caching challenges ;-)

We drove over to Send and parked down a road opposite the footpath to the first cache on the River Wey. I say footpath, it was more of a gully between the fields where the single front wheel of the pushchair stuck in and the back wheels were about 5" up on the bank at either side.  N didn't mind this precarious position at all though.  I should mention that, yet again, we had a flat tyre on one side, no inner tube with us and even pumping it up it went back down in seconds.  So, it was going to be a one-sided, 3-wheeled pushchair shove today then (no, we weren't about to go back home).

The girls had sandals on and I was in flipflops. Perhaps we should have re-thought our attire but it was warm and they only got very muddy feet.  Fortunately they washed them off by jumping in every puddle too. Yes, baths tonight!

First cache we came to was exactly where a fisherman had just set up.  We tentatively headed in his direction hoping that it wouldn't be right next to him.  As the clue was magnetic and he was fishing at the end of the only bridge to be seen for a while, it wasn't looking hopeful.  S was very keen to find some caches today so we stopped at GZ and said good morning to him.  We had a chat to S about fishing and what he was up to whilst hubby had a peer around. He spotted the cache and said shall we go for it?  I said to the fisherman that we were geocaching so please excuse us rummaging around.  He laughed and said no problem as hubby got the cache (Something in the Wey #4) in hand.  He was quite interested in it as we signed and replaced it.  S was so excited that I think her enthusiasm rubbed off :)  It turned out it was his birthday and he was heading up to the pub we were aiming for later.  We wished him a happy birthday and left.

We went past a fabulous house on the right that we're waiting for the Lottery win for again.  Just past this was Something in the Wey #3 which S found all on her own :)

As we got a little further up heading towards a lock that was completely open. We could only assume this was a type of flood control as there was clearly no need for a lock here.  Across the way we could see an enormous house with all sorts of white statues in the garden. S said she would like a garden that big :)

We walked up to The New Inn pub and sat outside in the sunshine having a drink and some crisps before embarking on our next part of the area.  I went and retrieved the car as well.

Full of crisps and sandwiches, we went over the bridge and down the next private road heading towards our next cache.  The CO had said that there was a bridge that had been marked down as dangerous that we needed to cross to get there but I had looked this up on Google Maps and said to hubby that there seemed to be houses down the other end of the lane so it couldn't be that bad. It was. If I lived there I would be demanding a new bridge built for my use.  The wood of the actual bridge was absolutely rotten and it bounced as we went across!  It seemed now to be made completely out of old MDF sheets (as you can see).  I certainly would be reluctant to drive a car across but actually, two did whilst we were there.

We headed up the lane to the bridge where Just Another? was.  We read some of the logs. The GPS homed in on GZ and we set about searching for the cache, taking turns to look after the girls, who were busy having their 'picnic' wedged into a gate at the end of the bridge.

Between hubby and I we leaned over, we dangled over, we climbed down and crawled underneath (hoping no cars would come along as this wasn't a good bridge either!).  We balanced on girders sticking out of the water and looked around trees.  We read you needed long arms to reach it. We read it helped if you were 6'5" to get it. We even read that you need to dangle with two children sitting on your legs.  We were up for this one but there was one problem. We couldn't find the damn cache!  We must have stayed there 30 minutes and each checked each others ground. Nothing.  What a disappointment.  The girls had been so good playing and singing and it wasn't fair to carry on so we posted a DNF and left. I emailed the owner to ask for a clue as we will be back to get this one as it sounded so much fun from reading the logs.

Back we went until we reached another bridge across the Wey. Hubby and S took this one and N and I went back up the road and we met back outside the pub.  

Off we went down the footpath this time heading off for a small bit of park/wetland area near some new houses to find A Walk on the Wild Side which is placed in another area we never knew existed.  Off we went around this area which, yet again, had cows in it and was pretty full of...well, you can guess. We were grateful for the raised walkway!  We got to GZ and began to search. Nothing came to light.  A quick check of previous logs and another last found on 6th June (does no-one much bother with Send?).  We were in the right area (according to the clue) but nothing but cow poo was around.  Oh dear, another DNF.  Never mind.  We went out a different exit which involved hubby first carrying S across and then helping me lift the pushchair over numerous pats.  Unfortunately, hubby was wearing boots so had no thought for me in flipflops.  Eugh....another puddle sought.

Off we headed coming in a different way to Something in the Wey #2 to try again.  I had emailed the CO yesterday about the soggy cache we found and mentioned to him about not finding these. He had checked last night and they were in place.  So, right side of the very steep bridge (as you can see), we started to hunt.  Hubby had a look around and said nope, it's not there.  I ventured into the area (again, we were being careful as the water was either side behind the shrubs) and found it instantly. See, you can't trust a 'man search'. I really should know better as my husband can be as blind about things at home.  You know, the insisting that his jumper/ jeans/shoes are not there and when I look, they are right in front of you ;-)

S enjoyed going up on the bridge with daddy and watching a narrow boat go under.

A nice walk back to the car as a few spots of rain started to fall.  We made it back before the heavens opened. Another nice 3 1/2 hours outside today. We will all sleep well this evening.


  1. Sounds a good adventure, definately didn't like the look of that 'mdf' bridge, shudder! As for S and finding a cache by herself, well done young lass, a high five from me :)

  2. She was so proud of herself :) Thank you. That bridge really is something to behold. Looking forward to the other bridge cache being replaced (it's gone CO confirmed) so we can dangle and get it next time :)


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