Wellies in a tree?

S loving the ammo boxes
Yep, you guessed it. We were out geocaching again today.

We decided to go off to a new area to do a bit of a ring I had spotted on the map.  When we are out for a few hours, we always aim for a little route as the girls do not want to be in and out of the car constantly so we are having to now start venturing a little further afield.

We parked up at Squires Garden Centre and were trying to be discreet at the far end of the car park putting our wellies on and sorting the pram and girls out. I looked around and we were being watched by just about every member of their staff who were having some kind of open air meeting.  We really do have to practice our stealth!

Feeling kind of guilty that we would be leaving our car there, we thought a good ploy would be to show the girls some of the animals in the pet shop part first.  It seems that it was taken over some 5 years ago and now all they had were a couple of hamsters and a rabbit. Oh well.  We went next door to look at the fish and left deciding we were going to buy the girls a small round tank soon and get some fish for home so at least our cheeky parking will amount to a sale for them shortly ;-)

Off we then headed onto the pavement and down a pathway across a field for our first cache, Suggestion Box.  A quick find by hubby who waded through the tall nettles, not noticing the part that had been trodden down about 5' further on.  Go that man!  We had now it a bit of a 'path' which lead to a rutted track but at least it was easier on N's teeth!

Nice path for a while
Around the side of the fields to our next cache, Red October.  The name gave us an idea of what it may be near as we'd seen the film some years ago.  The hint said not to get wet and we soon spotted where it would be hiding.  The only thing I had to work out was how to get it out.  Suddenly I noticed a piece of the fence was slightly larger than the rest so slid it through.  A very nice key TB inside so we took it to continue it's travels.  Sandwiches were out at this point already.  We do like to snack and walk :)

The hunt for Red October
Off between the fields to the next one, Troll.  The CO has placed these caches very much with children in mind so they were all nice, relatively easy finds.  We got to this little bridge but hubby decided to check under as there seemed to be a bit of barbed wire about. Spot on and another log signed. 

It was pretty muddy going down the path here but we were wellied-up so no problem for us.  However, we were beginning to notice horse flies around.  We had to be quite vigilant with ourselves and the girls as hubby and I both noticed them sitting on us a few times.  I'm sure we'll both have a few itchy bites by tonight.  N was in her pushchair shouting "Shooo!" to any flies or butterflies that came near her. She then shouted to walk so S volunteered to 'look after her' :)  What a lovely big sister.

Come on sis
We seemed to have to walk onto a piece of 'Private' land for a while here which was a little confusing. A gate was open but clearly marked but to the side of it was a well trodden path that took you to the area you needed to be. I think that people were using this as a short-cut through, rather than walking to the very end of the field and doubling back on themselves.  We decided to do the same. It was only about 150m to the proper bridleway so we bumped through the puddles whilst N tried to splash in each one.  We then headed up another path between two fields. The thistles were so colourful at the field edges.

To our right we saw this amazing tree which was completely dead but still standing. It looked quite haunting there.

We walked around this next field and headed off to Ankle Corner.  Not sure why the name really.  Did look on the map and it doesn't look much like an ankle to me. Perhaps it's a Goblin's ankle - all distorted ;-)  It certainly was an area the horse flies liked and we were being landed on constantly so we made this as quick as we could.  Another lovely find for S.  We do enjoy coming across ammo boxes.  However, this one was quite wet inside so we emptied the water out and gave it a bit of a dry off.  As you can see, S was enjoying choosing her swap item.  

Choosing her swap from Ankle Corner
We looked up and N had shaken the straps on her pushchair and was almost climbing out of the top!  Cheeky miss. We popped her safety rucksack on and off we toddled with us for the rest of the walk.

Around we went to Feed the Birds which was back on a nice, wide piece of footway.  Unfortunately by the time we reached the cache we had eaten all of our sandwiches so they just had a few puffs thrown in the  general direction ;-)  Another lovely ammo box but this time it was dry and full of goodies.  S found this one with daddy and collected it all on her own. She had a good look inside and found another swap whilst I signed the log.  A muggle on a bicycle was heading our way so we just waited and exchanged 'good afternoon's as he went past.  He smiled. I'm sure he knew exactly what we were up to.

Feed the Birds
Hubby spotted a lovely big tree ahead and there seemed to be something hanging on a branch. As we approached we saw it was a pair of wellies tied together and thrown over it as you can see.  Not sure who would abandon their wellies here and what other shoes did they have that were better for walking along in? Would we find jeans, socks and shirt further along and spot a streaker running through the fields?  Who knew.
Wellie Tree
We walked on past a farm house and set of buildings that were quite busy with vans and cars.  This roadway was taking us back to the main road but first we were going to pick up Not Saburac.  S and I had a hunt back and forth at GZ and then decided to let hubby have a look. Of course he walked straight up to it.  S did the retrieve though.
Not Saburac
This area has an interesting story as the CO explains "Although the television series Catweazle was filmed in this area in the 70's, the water tower you can see just over the fence/through the hedge is not Catweazle's lair.  He did visit the property twice before moving to a similar tower in East Clandon".  You could just see the water pump through the fence.  I remember the programme well :)

We popped out onto the main road again and headed back towards our car on the footpath. We don't enjoy walking along roads like this with the girls as it's quite a fast area with bends and hills.    However, over to our left was West Horsley Church with an appropriate micro cache.  The church, founded c1030, is believed to have the head of Sir Walter Raleigh buried here with his three grandchildren in the Nicholas vault.  

S has a total fascination of churches and wants to go inside each one.  What she also wants is to sit down and have a drink and a cake.  This is due to the fact that we visited a local one at Christmas last year and they have a little cafe area off the main church so she assumes they all do now (maybe the vicars are missing a trick here?!).  Sadly the church wasn't open much to her disappointment but the cache we did find quickly.

We crossed back over and headed back to our car.  The walk had taken us around 2 1/2 hours which was really nice.  We went into the garden centre cafe and had a drink and piece of cake. I am getting used to not seeing any change from £10 for such things now ;-)

Both girls asleep in the car on the way home.  I think we will be having a quiet night tonight after their baths and bedtime :)


  1. That sounds and looks like such a lovely day! I can't wait until mine are older and we can go Geocaching it looks fab.

    1. Thank you for commenting.

      Start them young :) Both our girls have enjoyed walking from around 14 months. As you can see from the photos, we have one of the little rucksack harnesses which helps support little ones too. A good 3 wheel pushchair and you're away!

      Hope you enjoy your geocaching too :)

  2. Another lovely blog piece :) A nice relaxing read before I leg it to Piratemania :) look forward to more reads when I come back though ;)

    Gems you MUST start caching, I am sure there are plenty of buggy routes you can take dont wait for the kids to age get and do it.

    1. Thanks kind lady. Hope you enjoy Piratemania. I'm looking forward to lots of photos and blogging by you! Have fun :)

  3. Thanks so much for linking up- this is a lovely post, it looks like such a brilliant day out! I won't lie, I had no idea what geocaching was before this- does that make me really daft?- but it looks like such fun! :) xx

  4. Geocaching is a brilliant way of exploring the countryside. Surrey has some of the best signposted public footpaths, too x.


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