Where have all the caches gone?

The weather was looking promising this morning with the sun out for the first time in a few weeks so we decided to go do a few caches.  Coats and wellies packed, we headed off to the car park ready to start our walk along the Wey Navigation at Ripley, Surrey.

The terrain was a little worse than we imagined and we were glad of our wellies.  When we looked at the field with narrow path around it, it seemed relatively flat. It certainly wasn't when we started walking and the pushchair was bouncing around. Fortunately N was walking at this point.  Cow-pats were everywhere though so it was rather a smelly walk where you also had to watch your feet - even in wellies.

I am not keen on being around cows too much but fortunately as we began to walk along the field, they all started heading in the same direction as us. I am guessing this may have been milking time as the whole herd suddenly stopped eating and left.
Our first cache was Papercourt Pathways 11 which was up near the Papercourt Lock (The Lock that Moved).  GPS homed in quickly but it was soon apparent we were the wrong side of the barbed wire.  Around we went back through the gate.  S and I had a little search and it was spotted quickly, as you can see.  Upon opening, the canister was full to the top with water.  I drained it out as best I could but didn't have any paper on me to put in there so we couldn't sign it.  I logged the find on my phone and a maintenance request for the CO.

We took some lovely photos around here. The lock-keeper's cottage was so pretty and just along the back of the garden were a few little summer houses, one being for sale.  No good for me as I don't like boats :)

We walked on down the nice towpath that was here looking at the narrow boats.  We were heading off to our next cache, Weyside Wander 3.  This was a cache just off the path but when we arrived at GZ, a tree had clearly recently fallen, probably in the high winds we have had, and been cut into a number of pieces. However, it didn't look possible to get to where we needed to be.  Both hubby and I had a wander around through the very tall nettles trying to find a way across. We considered climbing over the fallen tree but as there were so many large and small branches, the way was pretty much barred. Having looked at the photos of the cache position already posted on the logs, we confirmed we were in the right area and could indeed see the tree that we needed to reach. Another maintenance request logged.  Never mind, onto the next one.

We arrived a a bridge across the river to Something in the Wey #1.  This was a magnetic cache so it really could only be attached to the bridge, which is what the GPS was saying. Unfortunately, there was an office of muggles on the other side so we had to try and be discreet, generally looking but pointing at things in and around the water ;-)  With all ideas of what this could be, we searched.  Nothing found we decided to give up before someone called the Police!

We would like to get at least one more cache today so we headed off to Something in the Wey #2 to see if we could have some better luck. There was a very steep bridge here and the GPS was telling us it was on the other side.  Hubby went over to look.  He searched high and low and nothing. I checked my side just in case.  Nope, nothing there.  Another DNF.  How annoying.  

All of these caches were last found on 6th June so I'm wondering if they may have been blown away by the bad weather we have been having for our summer. 

At this point we decided to turn around and head back to the car. There was no point carrying on as we felt that we were just going to hit DNFs on this little lot.  Also, as there is a bonus cache you need letters from each of the others for, it was a bit pointless.  It had all become a bit too tiring for N who was now fast asleep in her pushchair :)

Back we trundled and decided to cut across a field to get Papercourt Pathways 12.  N had a very rough ride being dragged backwards through this field.  You just can't get a 3 wheel pushchair to go forward in dips and gulleys!  All I could hear when hubby took over the pushchair pull was "Help!" coming from within.  It did make me chuckle.  This cache was clearly around the only bridge in the middle of a set of fields as it was magnetic again.  We checked the hint. West side.  Fine.  Right, we will find this one.  Did we heck!  We both searched the whole of West side of the bridge and the East just for good measure. There really was only two places it could be - an iron girder either side.  Nothing.  I even got my wellies quite wet trying to see if it were underneath somewhere. Nope!  What a pain.  Another DNF.

We aimed back towards the Seven Stars pub to have a drink and a bag of crisps.  The field was pretty boggy and, once again, N was bounced across it in her pushchair shouting "Help!" non-stop.  I wonder what the people in the mobile homes must have thought. 

So, today was not a good day.  Whether we were just being totally hopeless or whether the caches were gone remains to be seen. However, I don't think we'll be back there in a hurry with the pushchair as I'd like N to keep her baby teeth for a while ;-)


  1. Another great blog post, shame about the DNFs hate it when that happens, great photographs, you have some lovely areas around you, just like we do around us.

    1. Thanks hun. I did look up your area to see if we were close and could do a bit of caching together! Alas not :( We did enjoy it but it is always more fun when you find them. However, I know from today's experience (already posted) not to always trust hubby's eyesight ;-)


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