Whoosh...that was the Olympic Women Cyclists then

I suddenly felt the urge to be a part of the Olympics.  Having not even attempted to get any tickets due to the thought of us all going up to London in the crowds and trying to keep N entertained during any events, I was resigned to watching what I wanted on TV.  Hubby and I watched the opening ceremony (which I thought was brilliant by the way) and suddenly we felt more involved.

Of course, I then thought about what was happening in our area.  The cycling road races!  Yesterday we were busy with other things but today I decided we were going to watch.

Hubby was working so I made a picnic lunch for myself, J, S and N and we headed out.  The weather was sunny early on but looking a little cloudier so I packed the jackets for the little ones.  Glad I did!  As I loaded everyone in the car, N shouted as she did not have a flag to wave, only S had one. A quick race to the PC and print of Union Jacks and a bit of cane from a plant and I'd made one. Blue Peter eat your heart out! 

We parked well away and headed off to get a geocache first.  Well, you just have to take the opportunity don't you ;-)  A quick find and swap of travel bugs and we started to walk down to West Byfleet to watch the riders come past.

As we got halfway down the road, we heard the thunder and the heavens opened.  Umbrellas up, hoods up and cover N who was in her pushchair.  This final action was not met with joy.  N decided to into total meltdown. She dislikes the pushchair rain cover with a passion and as I had velcro'd it on at the front, she decided to try and escape out of the small peep hole. She pulled it, she kicked it and stuck her foot out and was trying her hardest to escape, screaming all the time.  Oh dear.  At least we'll have a clear space around us ;-)  I tried to placate her with food but she was having none of it. She tried to throw dolly out. This is serious!  Nothing for it but march on in the rain and sort her out once we get there.  Two minutes later, she's asleep.  What a relief.

We rounded the corner to spot quite a crowd, including some with step ladders!  Thinking it was packed, we wondered if the little ones would see but then realised that these people had just gathered at the corner and the rest of the roads were almost clear. We found a spot under a tree and sheltered, all a bit soggy though.  The rain started to let up.

We had half an hour to wait so I decided we'd picnic whilst we waited.  S was already waving her flag :)  I also had a chat to another lady standing next to me.  J was bored.  She couldn't understand why we'd come to this.  None of us like cycling particularly but I explained it's just something nice to be involved with especially as it's on our doorstep.  

A group gathered the other side of N's pushchair and one of them bumped it waking her up.  She started to cry but was soothed with the removal of the rain cover and a cheese sandwich.  She also wanted her flag which was a bit wet.  Oh dear...

Suddenly we heard sirens.  The police were coming past on their motorcycles with lights going and waving to the crowd. One stood up on his motorbike waving away.  What a fantastic atmosphere.  The helicopter was heard coming overhead, then the shouts went up down the road from us and the cyclists appeared.  

It happened so quickly - they were heading towards us, in front, past, round the bend and gone.  Over in seconds.  The group was very tightly packed.  

All over and we headed back to the car, settling into it as the heavens opened for a second time.

Do you know, I really enjoyed my little part of the Olympics :)


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