Dangling my daughter from a bridge

No, you don't need to call the NSPCC and I wasn't having a Michael Jackson moment - we were geocaching! (how did you guess huh?).

We had told J about the excellent bridge cache, Just Another?, we had completed recently now that it's back in place (no we hadn't gone blind the first time we tried it).  

Off we went to the location.  Youngest two were armed with puffs to eat whilst hubby readied the camera for the action :)  We went to the location and had a look over the side.  There was the cache.  Unfortunately, it was in the wrong place and could have easily been reached by S and she's only 3 1/2! A quick retrieve by J and the log was signed. How disappointing. However, now came the fun as we were going to put this back where it really should be, right underneath!

J worked her way out between the railings and I sat on her legs to stop her toppling into the water.  Further...a bit further...yep, there it goes.  She then came back up but I had to move backwards on her legs and she had a brief panic when she felt my weight lift off her as she was still beyond her tipping point :)  Would I do that?  No...well, not today anyway, it wasn't warm enough ;-)  Just kidding!

This was a cache she really enjoyed doing.  She put a note on her log about it being in the wrong position and the CO kindly thanked us for putting it back correctly.  I am just glad that when hubby and I had found it, it had been in the right position otherwise we'd have put it back where we found it and wondered what all the fuss was about.

It seems all the finders after us were from a caching meet and perhaps the last one just put it where they could reach, as opposed to where it should be, which is a shame as it's supposed to be a bit of a challenge.  Hope the next person enjoys finding it in the right place :)


  1. Great caching then :) Hehe I hope our daughter is this enthusiastic about caches when she is your eldest age. Mind you she would happily come in any water with me now lol it says 299, hope you get your 300th soon :)

  2. Hoping to get the 300 today or tomorrow Ange :) I'm hoping as the kids all get older we'll be having more an more fun caching.


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