Eaten by Mozzies

The sun was shining so that means a geocaching day.  Off we headed to Swinley Forest, Bracknell (or Ascot which seems closer!) to find a few caches in a kind of ring. The caches in this area are all around 3.5 difficulty and all have no clues so it's just have a hunt and see what you can find.  Suits us :)  I downloaded them all to my phone - not going to risk lack of signal as happened on Tuesday in Barnstaple!  Oddly, there were 22 cache numbers but only 13 actual caches. I'm guessing some have been muggled and removed.

Parked down a lovely road and set off.  It's such a shame that dog walkers don't pick up their dogs mess near to any car parking area.  A quick navigate of the poo and we were away.

First cache - Swinley Forest 1 - was quickly to hand.  GPS seemed a little off but it was an easy spot by me.  Signed and away we went, heading towards # 2.  The GPS told us the cache was around the centre of the railway line. I'm sure the CO didn't want us climbing the fence and dashing in front of trains so we had a look around.  Nothing we could see.  Remembering there were no clues and these caches could be any type and any location (high, low, buried, etc) we put our thinking caps on.  About 25 minutes later we gave up.  Never mind, one to come back to another day.

Next on the list was # 4, and we arrived at GZ quite quickly.  Reading back on some logs, it said to trust your GPS which was pointing straight into the middle of some rhoddodendron bushes.  In we went!  Face full of cobwebs and tiny insects down my t-shirt. Nice.  Poked the holes, looked in the branches, moved the logs, but nothing. J was also hunting a bit further away and found a good looking candidate in a nice tree but nothing materialised.  S was also having a try.  Out we came after about 15 mins and in went hubby with J to try again.  Another good scout around but nothing.  Tried using c:geo which sent us to the other side of the path!  Oh well, in for a penny. Off went hubby, J and S and another 20 min search resulted in nothing.  Darn it, another defeat. Oh well, on to the next.

Arriving at # 6 GPS was still taking us some 10m past the actual place we thought the cache was in and we were right.  A quick find and dropped off a TB to continue it's journey.  I got bitten by a mozzie and we noticed a couple on N, who was in her pushchair at this point a little tired.  We swiped them off and away we went from the puddles.

Off down the bumps to # 7 avoiding some more flooded bits.  A good looking possibility presented itself and we all waded on in to search around it. N still looking on at this madness :)  Nothing.  I turned around to look at another prospect and spotted it immediately!  Result.  Remember not to just look down ;-)  S did the retrieve but the cache wasn't in good order. No lid, no log and just an old plastic sweet wrapper. I popped some paper in the wrapper and put it back.  Looks like some maintenance requests have been made but not actioned on this one.  I then noticed a mozzie on my elbow, all full and red!  Nice.  Flicked it off and immediately felt the itch start :(

On to # 8 we went.  As we arrived, there was a pond the other side of the fence.  J, S and hubby went to find the cache and I checked on N.  I suddenly saw that she had lumps all over her forehead. Oh no!  She had been bitten by mozzies. We hadn't been quick enough to get rid of them.  I had some sudocrem on me so we popped that on the bites and then saw lots on her arms too. Poor little N had been dinner for the mozzies whilst we were stationery getting the caches :(  Right, enough, we're off out of here for today.

We trundled back towards the car and as we got near the railway bridge that we had come across, I spotted a cache, # 22, to our right.  Hubby waited with N in a mozzie free area and S, J and I went to retrieve it.  I'm glad we did. What a fabulous cache container as you can see :)  A favourite point from me for this one.

Back to the car and home where I sent hubby straight out for some calomine lotion for N.  Fortunately the bites don't seem to be bothering her too much.  We'll be back to do some more of this area when it dries out a bit or when I bring a cardigan for N!


  1. Shame about the DNFs the last cache looks a stunner, i do love the log/diverse style GZs :) oh no at poor you and N having been lunch for mozzies, know how that feels, hope the bites have gone down and you dont get it again (ps see if you can take an old window net with you when out in the summer and clip it to the buggy as soon as you realise N is asleep )

    1. That's a great idea Angie. Poor little soul is covered and I've found more on her. We've never been attacked so much! I've got a huge one on my neck which looks like I'm growing another head LOL


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