My First First!

Woo-hoo, finally I got there. I have my first ever First to Find (FTF) geocaching.

I opened my email this morning to check if I had successfully claimed my first Earthcache yesterday (yes. That's great news then) and noticed a new cache (Crazies II) had been placed just down the road from me.  Hubby was home so no having to pack the two little ones into the car and J was here so I had some caching company.  All good.

The shout went up "Come on J, get dressed, we're out of here in 2 minutes to see if we can get a first to find!".  Now my daughter, as a teen, is not the fastest person at getting ready for anything, but on this occasion she had eaten her piece of toast, drunk a cup of tea and was dressed in less than a minute. About the same time it took me to run upstairs, throw clothes on and quickly brush my teeth.  We had been sitting relaxing in our dressing gowns you see ;-)

Off we went in the car. We had precisely 30 minutes to get to the location, find the cache and get home to pick up hubby and the girls before we had to be at the dentist.  Not pushing it then...

We parked up as close as we could and jumped out of the car. I think I almost sprinted to GZ.  Great news, no-one here and nothing logged - yet!  I suddenly realised that J hadn't even had time to brush her hair. Now that is dedication to your mum to leave the house looking like you've been dragged through a hedge backwards. Love that girl! :)

We started our search.  We had some ideas.  We looked up, down, under and in but nothing came to hand. Bugger, time to go.

A race back home, piled everyone into the car and off to the dentist. Arrived 5 minutes late (oops) but had to wait 5 minutes to go in so that was fine.  Me done.  Hubby done.  Back in the car and straight off to see if we could find this cache. I wasn't really in a hurry *cough*

Anyway, parked up again, the fastest pushchair put-together you've ever witnessed and sprinted back to the suspected GZ.  Still no logs showing up so optimistic. Hubby began the search where I had been but the compass was now having a bit of a merry jig so I pocketed the phone and decided to just root around a reasonable sized area.  I also decided to let hubby do the 'bramble dance' while I went and looked elsewhere.

A spot of something I had not investigated earlier and ta-da!, the cache was mine!  Brilliant :) I can honestly say I was ecstatic.

I came so close once before to being FTF. In actual fact, I thought I was by the logs on my phone but it wasn't until I opened the cache box, full of excitement, to see that I was in fact 2nd.  So this was it.  Blank log book and blank phone. This one was truly mine!

Once it was all signed, we let the girls have a go in the little playground nearby.  It was at this point I noticed I had put my top on inside out in my rush to leave the house this morning. What must my dentist have thought?!

I am glad that I got a FTF as it is now out of my system. I don't know why, but I wanted one. I'm not bothered about any more as rarely does it pan out that I could get out of the house and anywhere fast enough. This was pure luck that it arrived when it did and it's made my day :)


  1. Just popped over from Mummy's Little Monkey's Blog -Hop and was so excited to find a cache about geocaching! We've been doing it for around 18 months now, and in fact have just got home from doing half a dozen!

    Still remember the thrill of getting my first FTF :-) Hubby gets the alerts through to his phone and is often out the door as soon as one comes thru!

    1. Thank you for the comment. Glad you are enjoying caching too :) I've never gone for FTF as it never seems to work out that I could get out of the house in time. This was a one off and now I've done it, I'm happy :) Just had a wonder through your blogs too :)


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