Humble Hike - Pt 2 (well, 3 really)

The weather is glorious again, hubby has a weekend off, teen is over, so it’s clearly geocaching time! J

We decided to do a bit more of the Humble Hike today.  Parking up at Bocketts Farm Park, we found the public footpath near the tea rooms and set off. 

First up was #49.  We decided to go backwards today.  Nice quick find for S and she did the retrieve and replace behind the flint. This turned out to be J’s 100th cache too.  A little further on we came across two very curious pigs.  Unfortunately for them, none of the girls were going to spare them a sandwich today.

#48 was down a rather bumpy path.  We managed to walk straight past it and while my compass said 15m behind us, hubby’s said 22m back where we came from.  As there was nothing like the clue object near us, hubby headed back and made a quick find.  

We got to a field and turned left down towards the railway when hubby spotted this solitary poppy among all the harvested wheat.

#47 was just before we walked under the railway line.  Nice quick find for J.  The two littlest ones waved at a passing train. This seems to be quite a busy line for a weekend.  A man walking his dog and a jogger went past before we replaced the cache and then we were off.

#46 was a quick find for me. Hubby had found a ‘geo-stick’ (yes, a stick – long and pointy) and was bashing his way around the nettles saying he couldn’t spot anything.  I had another look at the clue and spotted the suspect very quickly. While hubby and J were wandering around about 10m away from me, I went to the object and did the retrieve. I had to kind of balance it out on my fingertips as it was in a good hidey place.  Here’s me signing the log then J and S putting it back.

So that's where mum spotted it then!

We walked on to #45 which sounded like it would be another quick find.  J went and had a look at the suspect area and then I also had a poke around. I even went through the gate to try and look from the other side but the very high stinging nettles kept me away.  Hubby decided to go in with the geo-stick and found it instantly.  Both J and I were positive we’d touched that exact same spot! Never mind.

Away we went down a rather nice track towards a farm.  #44 was a quick find for J.  I wouldn’t want to be a horse drinking from this trough though – eugh.

We carried on down the path watching the farmer move his tractor around to get a digger out into a field then reverse his tractor away again.  Walking on past we saw signs for a sawmill. Never knew one was around here and it was having an open day. We decided not to walk up and see though as the girls were getting tired. 

#43 was a quick find again in a nice little location and we had a quick think about whether to walk back the road way or the way we had come.  The countryside won so we headed on back to Bocketts Farm to get ourselves a well deserved ice cream before going home.

We still have a lot more of this to do!


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