Toddler Telephone Tourettes

Trying saying that quickly 10 times ;-)

What is it about me picking up a telephone - landline or mobile - that seems to trigger N to have what I am now considering to be toddler tourettes?

The moment the phone in my hand moves to my ear, she's off. She will scream, shout, kick, cry and even roll about on the floor making general grunting and growling noises until the point said phone is put down.

I've tried running away to the kitchen and shutting the door behind me but until I get a bolt for it (which is bloody tempting!), she just opens it or bangs on it (whilst screaming) so I'm pressed against it trying to keep it shut to have any chance of hearing what the other person is saying.  It's that or go for a hurdle of the stairgate and a sprint upstairs before saying hello.  Usain Bolt I am not!

Maroon 5 are better off having a conversation in the explosion than at a payphone anywhere near this house.

Is it just me?


  1. NO! I do not pick up the phone in this house if i can help it, if i make a phone call i do so in another room, ie get phone and smuggle it upstairs to the ensuite, thing is i dont have toddler tourettes in our house i have teenager tourettes... whos on the phone? who you speaking to? the kid dont do more than grunt at me half the time but you get the phone in my hand and bam he wants to know everything, he has been like this since a toddler though, if it wasnt screaming he would get the wet wipes and they would be laid out all over the carpet, as would nappies, or he would sneak off, get his potty and pour all my condiments into the potty.

    1. Oh dear, I have all that to come then LOL

  2. I totally understand. I have 6 children that constantly are always wanting to know who i am on the phone to, what im talking about and why.. it can be really frustrating but didn't we all do this at one point.


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