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We were very excited yesterday. You see hubby and I don't often get out.  I don't mean we are housebound but with the two little ones, going anywhere as a couple is never easy as we do not have a glut of babysitters to choose from.  Yesterday, however, my lovely niece came down to look after S and N and off we went to the cinema to see the latest Bond outing - Skyfall.

We parked up and headed in to collect the tickets I had booked online last week.  Premier seats for the 6.30pm showing - well, why not treat ourselves to better seats.  Tickets printed and we collected an extortionately priced small popcorn along with some generally overpriced pick 'n' mix.  Well, it was a treat so we didn't smuggle any goodies in this time.

Off we went to Screen 3 to our premier seats, Row K, seats 5 and 6.  As we approached, there was a couple sitting in our seats.  I glanced at our tickets again to ensure it was the right seat number and row. Yep.  So I said "Excuse me, I think you may be in our seats". The chap said he didn't think so as they had tickets for Row K, Seats 5 and 6.  I showed him my tickets. He looked confused and said he had the same ones he was sure. His wife suggested he check so he got up and rummaged in his pockets and produced two tickets. You know it, Row K, seats 5 and 6, 6.30pm performance, Screen 3.  Oh dear.  Off we trotted to the chap who checks tickets. He called a supervisor and said not to worry they would sort it out.

Supervisor arrived and looked at our tickets.  Yes, both identical EXCEPT my ticket said 29th October - the following day.  Disaster.  Had I booked the wrong day?  We only had this one night for a babysitter so there was no chance of coming back the next day.

I said to the lady that I had definitely booked 28th.  I was doubting myself though but decided to play it cool and insist they were our seats.  She didn't bat an eyelid. "Oh yes, this has been happening a lot I'm afraid. If two people click on a booking at the same time, one will get the correct day and the other has all the same information presented to them but the system moves them to the next available day."  Seems this is what had happened here.  Mild relief.  She went on to say they had a contingency plan and had kept some seats back.  Another four people joined us to say that they had noticed their tickets had the wrong film time on them.  Not good.  We had premier seats so surely we'd be given first pick?

We went up to the tills and she checked the available seats. Only two premier left. Two of the other people had premier seats too.  Would it be a battle at the till for the seats?  However, they said they weren't worried where they sat.  Result!  It must have been my death gaze that did it.  We said would they mind if we have the premier seats as it was our first night out in ages.  High noon in the Odeon (ok, 6.20pm but it was close).  No problem they said.  Brilliant.  We were allocated seats the other side of the cinema and in we went. The four others came and sat behind us a bit later.  

Were the premier seats worth the extra £5 each. No.  Was the film good?  Fantastic! I love Daniel Craig as Bond. In the previous movies he brought Bond to life like no other actor has. Let's face it, Bond is a bit of a rebel and a bad boy in the books so his portrayal was brilliant.  This is a bit of a different outing for Bond which made the film stand out in its own right.

Hubby is sure I booked the wrong dates. It may be true. I have been a bit off with my dates/days this last week so it is highly likely.  I think we got out of it in true Bond style though, don't you?

You never know, we may manage another night out next year!


  1. Brilliant! Glad you got to see the movie, I can't wait to get to see it!

    1. It is superb Angie. Bit different for a Bond movie but that's what makes it so good. Also, I now listen to the Adele song in a new way having seen the film ;-)

  2. I'd love to see this movie but will wait for the DVD. I can't go to the cinema myself as it affects my epilepsy, but whenever I pay for my daughter and an accompanying adult to take her (usually my sister), it's so bloody expensive! I think it's all wrong how they won't let you take in your own food and drink, just a swizz.

    CJ x

    1. We normally wait for DVDs as I agree that the cinema is so over-priced. We paid £26 for two seats and, of course, there is a booking fee if you pay by Debit or Credit card which I find unacceptable (but that's another issue). To be honest, the times we do go, we tend to take our own sweets and a bottle of drink in my bag as I refuse to be overcharged twice LOL


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