Cuddletwist Towel Review

Today is a review day.  Why?  Well, I've just bought a product that I am completely in love with.  What is it you may ask. Well, it's a towel.  Yep, you heard me right, a towel.  Not just any old towel though, oh no.  This one is for your hair.  Radical huh?

I was scouring around the web the other day looking for a towel that I was going to sell on eBay (yes, you heard me right, I sold a towel but, again, not just any old towel) that was a Cuddledry Giraffe Print Apron Towel originally bought for me when I had N.  It was made by Cuddledry and was absolutely gorgeous. I was delighted to see they still sold them (helped me price up my one to sell on) and that's when I noticed they had the Cuddletwist hair towel and I knew right then, I needed one (or two actually).

Today the towels arrived and they are simply wonderful.

I got them for my two girls as their hair hangs down after it's been washed and stays very wet until I blow dry it, even if I tie it up in a 'bobble' to try and keep it out of their faces and the bath.  I would prefer not to spend 10 minutes blow drying the hair of a pre-schooler as I think the heat probably doesn't do the hair a huge amount of good. If blow-drying was great, we'd not have all those adverts selling products to help us treat our 'heat damaged hair' now would we.  I digress.

Anyway, the girls loved the look of the towels and wanted them on immediately, as you can see by the picture of S here.  She needed to try it on and said it was great.

Tonight I washed their hair as usual and popped them both into their cuddletwists.  Another 10 minutes of playing in the bath, as usual, and out they came.

For once, S's pyjamas weren't all damp at the back from where her hair dripped or hung (no matter how much you just try and towel it off beforehand) and about 2 minutes of blow drying and it was done.  N's hair didn't need any drying at all.  One delighted mummy!

I think I am going to buy another for me teen as she has long hair too and they look pretty much 'one size fits all' to me.  I may even get one for myself!

There is only one drawback to these towels that I can see.  Shall I tell you what it is?  N will not take it off. Nope, no way will she have it removed from her head!  It's been on for 45 minutes now and despite my gentle "shall I take your towel off now sweetie?" requests, she just screams "NO!" and runs away.  Cuddledry, you have a lot to answer for ;-)

I have not been sponsored or sent any products to try for this review. It's just my own product purchase and delight that has made me write it!


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