Quick cache and a go on the slide

We headed out on Sunday to our local Leisure Centre and Park to pick up one or two caches.  

The first was at this beautiful old tree.  Quite impressive isn't it.  I've not seen one so gnarled as that in years.

The family gathered around it pretending to look at all the holes and little insects in them.  J added a distraction to any passers-by by climbing the tree, much to S and N's delight. Although I think N would have rather liked to be up there with her.

Hubby stuck him arm in a few of the holes created by the branches and up into crevices.  There was little point poking around the holes themselves as they were each little ponds, full of water. I doubt the CO would have hidden it there!

I let hubby have a look then decided it was my turn.  Oh yeah!  Cache mamma does it again!  I spotted it instantly.  Nicely hidden in it's environment.  A quick retrieve giving the cache container to hubby and the bit of camo that had hidden it to N.  S took the wood louse that was inside and said she would keep it for a pet. It wasn't a long owner/pet relationship as she dropped it within 60 seconds and couldn't find it again. We're definitely not buying her a cat!

Log signed but it took a while to wind it back up again. I looked down and N was playing with the stone.  Where was the ideally sized piece of camo?  Oh no.  Nowhere to be found.  We spent longer looking for that than for the cache but fortunately J spotted it. All back safe and sound.

We had a walk around the playground and off to another cache but a muggle was reading on the bench so we could only have a cursory look about to see if we could instantly spot anything.  Nothing, except a large wasps nest!  A hasty retreat was made. We'll look for that another time then.

Off to the playground for the girls to have 20 minutes of fun before we headed home. Another tick in the yearly calendar for me :)


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