Sun's out. Caching anyone?

What a wonderful sunny day.  Must be time to head off and get a couple of caches. We've not been out for a while and have been suffering some minor withdrawal symptoms.  Mainly this has been to do with feeling completely lazy rubbish weather and colds.

We all need the fresh air that’s for sure so off we drove to a village not to far away from us called West Clandon.  

This is another area we have driven through hundreds of times but never stopped in so today was the day we were going to have a look around and pick up a few caches on the way. 

We didn’t have too long to go out today as S is off for her first swimming lesson this afternoon but we fancied a nice hours wander.

Parking up we decanted the car and headed off.  First cache was the West Clandon Dragon, a picture of which you can see here.  

I have to confess to never noticing this before. Isn’t it strange what you just don’t take in when driving through places.  A gorgeous piece of ironwork I think you’ll admit.  S and I went to do the retrieve.  

I lifted her up so she could get the cache.  She shouted to daddy how tiny it was.  Guess what N was doing at the time?  Yep, her usual - enjoying puffs in the pushchair – what else ;-)

This geocaching lark is hungry work
Cache safely back and we went down to the next one Sidetracked – Clandon.  I do enjoy the Sidetracked series and was hoping the container might just be big enough for me to drop my TB off as this would be an ideal place for him to start his journey.  We walked down to the station and were pleased that it was relatively quiet.  GPS settled at GZ but I was looking around a bit confused by the hint.  Read a couple of logs as I couldn’t spot anything obvious when hubby asked what the hint was again. I told him and he made an instant connection and it was right in front of us.  Brilliant hint I have to say J  S and I went to do the find and it took a little fingertip fiddling and bit of negotiation to make the retrieve. Sadly the container just wasn’t quite big enough for my little friend so we signed the log and popped it back.  What a lovely place to relax in the summer if you are waiting for a train.

All aboard and off we headed to the next one, In for a Penny.  We spotted a cottage called “Pound” on the other side of the road. Could it be around there? No, GPS was staying firmly on our pavement side then we found the ‘real’ pound.  Again, never noticed this in all the times we’ve gone past it.  Not sure I would trust it to look after any animals that were straying around but I am guessing it would be used for dogs or horses in the old days.  Lovely piece of history.  In we went to find the cache.  A few obvious looking objects but it wasn’t there.  A bit more of a look around and I spotted it. Yep, it was the cache.  S was delighted to see this as well and said it was a good hide.  Log signed and we couldn’t resist this picture.

We did take her home with us...honest!

We did think about doing the church micro but decided time was running out so we’d pop back another day to pick that up.  Back to the car and off home for a quick sandwich before swimming.  Isn’t it lovely what you can find when you take a few minutes to stop and enjoy the area.


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