There's a tagger about

N has found the art of graffiti.  Oh dear.  I had a minor experience of this with J when she decided to ‘tag’ everything in her bedroom about four years ago.  I suddenly noticed that the chest of drawers, duvet cover, windowsill and all manner of other things had her initials written on them – in permanent marker!  I was furious less than impressed.  

This is slightly less fervent but more damaging.  I know, hard to believe right?  

I’m quite certain that the graffiti artist is currently keen on swirling patterns.  S has progressed to  people and quite gorgeous drawings so unless J is having a relapse, there is another tagger in the house.  

Sadly, while I can remove the biro from the walls, the artistry on the dining room chair appears here to stay.  Worse still, I used a scourer on it trying to remove it and now all I have achieved is a dull, non-lacquered patch right in the middle of the seat.  Oh my goodness.  Not a happy bunny.  Had to put that chair in our bedroom for ‘emergency purposes’ only.  The one with the wobbly leg is now back by the table. 

I have had to put  every single biro, felt tip and crayon in the house on top of the filing cabinet or a very high shelf.  We now have pencil case ornaments.  Now they can only be brought out when we are all sitting around the dining table doing drawing.

Mind you, that didn’t stop her bashing a red brick on the wall and finding out it also leaves colour behind.

I need toy shelves six feet in the air it seems.


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