Two children only please

In the news today is the announcement that Iain Duncan Smith has suggested that Child Benefit should be limited to two children only.  Sound fair?

Of course, the majority of people will jump onto the bandwagon that this will mostly apply to those already sponging off the State. You know the sort - the more children they have, the more money they get, the bigger house they get, etc.  So, that is the argument I hear on the news this morning. "Let's stop poor people having more children".  I feel a shudder go down my spine.

I, for one, have three children.  My husband works bloody hard to support our family as I am a (mostly) stay-at-home mum right now with two girls under school age.

We will already be impacted when the new Child Benefit rules come in as my husband earns a fraction (and I mean fraction) over the lower limit.  Therefore, we will no longer get the full amount of Child Benefit paid to us.  I've seen people talking on the news saying that cutting the Child Benefit for people earning over this amount just saves "paying money to the rich who don't need it".  Ah, so we are RICH are we?  I had no idea!  Thank you for telling me that.  Maybe now I won't worry so much about how to make ends meet.  I won't stress about the rising costs of petrol/food/energy.  I can relax with a glass of champagne and have a foot massage.  Ridiculous!

What about those couples where both parents earn just under the amount?  They can effectively earn almost double what we do and STILL get their Child Benefit.  Fair?

So now, we, as a family, are going to be hammered again by the Government.   I have worked hard all my life up until the point that I stopped to look after my youngest two. I will go back to work.  My husband does copious amounts of overtime in order to look after us.  Tell you what, go the whole hog, pop around and ask me to decide which two I would like to dispose of as China does and just have done with it.
And what about those families who have met later in life. You know, divorced parents with children who get together all 'Brady Bunch' style.  What will they do if they have more than one child each?  

I am all for austerity measures. I understand that this country has to cut back but how come it is always targeted at people who are vulnerable or families already pushed to the limit just to survive.

What do you think? 


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