Yodeling toddler


N decided to have a tantrum first thing to give me a good start to my day.  She left her dolly ‘Diddy’ at home as we headed to our local Waitrose to get a couple of bits.  Halfway there in the car she wanted her and, of course, I wasn’t about to turn around and come home to get her.  

Away she went, screaming in the car. 

We arrived and I got the pushchair out and she continued her tantrum.  She did the classic ‘ironing board’ stance that small children take when they do not want to be put into something like the pushchair or car seat.  I wedged her in quickly and off we went, still with her screaming.  

She proceeded to scream all the way around the shop, still trying to ‘plank’ as best she could and to add to it she kicked her wellies off in protest.  People were looking at us we walked around and a few knowing glances came my way, along with a few smiles.  

I collected the four items I wanted and went to the till and now everyone at the tills stared at us.  One woman made a kind of smacking gesture to her wizened old friend and mumbled something.  Another old man rolled his eyes and tutted.  I held my tongue as I assumed they were childless old farts had never had children.  

It does annoy me when people look at you like you can magically stop your toddler from having a tantrum.  Oh, yes, sorry, I forgot, I should tell her to “Stop please” and she will. Why didn’t I think of that instead of letting her scream all around the shop?  

Luckily we are known by a lot of the staff there and I got quite a few “not having a good day today then” remarks.  As for me, I just ignored her. It’s generally the best thing to do.  

Once we had paid, I wedged her back into her car seat and had the dulcet tones of her best yodeling voice all the way back home.   

Fortunately it was a short trip! 


  1. Urgh poor you! I get so embarrassed by my toddler when he's screeching away I try to be relaxed bit I hate the stares! I never say anything either like you said if there was easier way I'd stop them! X

    1. They really do pick their moments don't they!


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