Christmas is coming - let's hike the prices

I love Christmas.  I love the excitement around wrapping the presents, handing them out to friends and family and, most of all, the faces of my children then they see how many presents are under the tree and the ooo's and ahh's when they open things they are genuinely excited about.

What I do not like about Christmas is the price hike that Amazon seem to manage almost every year.  Have you noticed? Well, here's an easy way to see.  Put some items into your basket or 'save for later' about a month before Christmas and then watch.  You will see that around 70% of them increase in price as the weeks pass.  Why does this remind me so much of the rip off that holiday companies run where they are now putting up the prices of their holidays weeks either side of the school ones to stop any parents who may not want to pay an extortionate price try and get away during the cheaper periods.

The Amazon price increases can be quite significant.  For example, a Moshi Monsters Treehouse that I was looking at (and contemplating buying) has gone up in from £18.49 to £20.00 in just one day - same supplier, same postage cost. That's a £1.51 increase! That's a lot of money when you add it up a few times over for children's gifts as it is far from the only one that has done this.

Then there is the sneaky price increase.  The cost of the item stays the same but the postage increases (clearly this only applies to outside companies using Amazon).  Very sly that one.

I am finding that I need to almost do a 'compare the toy' (are the compare sites missing a trick here?) for each item as the prices can vary wildly between Amazon, Toys R Us, Argos and other retailers. I know this is the same the rest of the year but somehow when it is Christmas we are more aware of it.

I wonder if this happens with other items too?  Has anyone noticed that the price of jewellery, mobile phones or housewares increases around Christmas or is it mainly centered around toys, games and DVDs?

I find this whole price increase with an online company such as Amazon rather odd as many of the High Street stores are offering discounts at this time.  Mind you, I never noticed if they increased the prices first a few months ago to make the discounts look good. Remember, the retailers are not being kind to you so it is more likely that they are being a bit sneaky and hoping we don't notice.


  1. hia, yes me again, ;), I have noticed especially mobile phones, they go up in price, which has to be by law for 28 days minimum for them to bring the price down (to the original) by january sales time. With amazon I havent noticed anything YET but i do tend to choose the 3-5 day delivery rather than next day, I would rather shop locally but if they havent got it locally and it avoids me going into stoke-on-trent (hate the place) then i will shop online, the price difference if under £5 increase over a multitude of items or only one makes it worth while on petrol (if he drives) and at worse the bus (if i have to drag myself on a potteries muck truck aka PMT)

    1. Hello again LOL I also shop with 'free delivery' where I can and never on the next day option. Interesting to hear about the mobile phones too. It's all such a scam isn't it really.


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