Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Happy birthday geocache....or perhaps not

It's muddy
It's my birthday today (happy birthday to me) so hubby has taken the day off so we can have some fun together. Not in the 'oo-la-la' sense (well, not during the daytime anyway) but you know, getting out with the girls for a wander around and perhaps some geocaching.  Hey, there's an idea!

So, this morning I get my cards and presents - slippers, chocolate, smellies and a CD I wanted - which are perfect and then I headed off to M&S to grab myself a few new clothes.  I'm always sticking my head in my wardrobe and grumbling so I had a good excuse today to grab a new skirt and top - thank you hubby.

Home for lunch and we decided then to head off geocaching. Now, you may recall that our last birthday geocaching adventure (here) didn't work out too well.  But hey, surely that's a one off right?

Anyway, there are three or four caches that are part of a ring that we haven't yet managed to do so we jumped into the car and drove over to Fairoaks Aerodrome to park up and head off to claim them.

Everyone decanted, wellies on the girls and off we went.  S wanted to watch the planes and so did N and we agreed we would do that when we got back but also told them that where we were walking was right at the end of the runway so we were hoping some planes would be taking off over us.  Anyway, we walked as far as the exit gate to the road when I suddenly realised I was still wearing my ankle boots. Not much use in mud really so off I trotted back to the car to change into my wellies while hubby waited with the girls.  I rejoined them and away we went.  We had to walk a little piece of road first then onto a bridleway.  

I have to say that the path was full of slippery mud and quite deep puddles but hey, we're not put off by that. Have wellies, will walk!

I was looking at my phone working out the best route to the first cache and it seemed that going across some fields would be quickest.  Off we went through the stile with S flapping about prickles around her legs when she should have been worried about the stinging nettle at face height (kids!) and down between some fields.  We realised at the end that we wanted to go left towards a stream so followed the path that way, through another gate and were then walking between two more fields.  A shout caught our attention.  "You can't get through that way I'm afraid. It leads to a dead end", said the lady who was behind us about to tend to her horses.  We turned around and headed back.  She informed us that we could now turn either left and carry on towards the farm or right back to where we came from.  Well, we knew where the path to the right led so we decided to head that way.  

Back through the stile we went (me shielding S from the stinging nettle) and off up towards the end of the runway. No planes taking off but a cleaning truck buzzing around. Oh well.

We carried on down the bog of a path but suddenly it just got far too muddy.  There was a little 'sub-path' to the left where clearly people had felt it was easier to fight their way through the undergrowth than go through the swamp so S and I had already cleared one puddle and were turning left when hubby shouted where were we going as he didn't have wellies on, just walking boots.  I turned around and said "to the left" and carried on negotiating S round the mudslides.  

Soggy and muddy.
 Suddenly hubby shouted, there was a splash, and N started to cry. The bag that hubby was carrying had slipped off his shoulder, he had released N's hand for a split second to put it back on rather than it hitting the mud but instead, N had darted forward to try and reach me and just got stuck and gone face first into the muddy puddle. Oh my.  She was a sight.  She sobbed.  It is about 10C out so it's not warm and to be now soaked through and covered with mud was not good.

Adventure over.

Hubby grabbed N and started marching as quickly as he could back to the car.  S and I followed.  We were actually worried about N getting too cold as it was quite bitter out with the wind too.

We were travelling at Warp 9!
We got back to the car and I stripped N down to her vest and nappy.  I covered her with my coat, her scarf and my scarf.  Poor little mite. One welly was full of mud and cold water.  Her leggings and socks were soaked. Her top was wringing wet where it had stuck out from under her coat and the cuffs were drenched where she put her hands down. Her coat was soaking and muddy.  All in the boot along with S's jeans that had got wet as she'd jumped in a puddle when we started off as hubby had forgotten that they needed to be tucked *into* her wellies.  Men.
Snuggled in coat and scarves
At least the two girls were smiling as you can see.

Cosy back in the car
So, another birthday, another geocaching disaster. Next year I am going to go out on my own on my birthday and find just one, local cache.  I will recce the area prior to the actual day so that should my phone fail, wellies fall off or it snow, I will know where to find it just so I can say I got one - finally.


  1. AWWW at the girls, poor N, glad she can smile about it now after being stripped off and covered in snuggly things, bless them both. DO NOT cache on your birthday lol, next year dont just recce the cache area just do it, then your birthday you can take the kids to a park youve never been, stumble on a cache that just happens to be not far off the park even if its a nano or a micro and then go home, snuggle up, have lots of party food for them, takeaway for you and bingo :)

    1. LOL, you may be right. However, I do need a birthday cache for my grid but maybe I'll wait a few years ;-)