Honesty is NOT the best policy

Sometimes I wonder why I bother.  I have decided a number of things lately relating to S.  

Firstly, I started her swimming at a nice class.  That has gone well.  She is quite local and likes the other two little girls she swims with. This week I am planning to ask one or both over for a play date.  I want her to make some more friends out of school you see.  Also, it's nice for me to get to know some more mums.

Secondly, she has another few birthday parties coming up with school friends. She doesn't want to go as she might not like the food/hall/games.  Every time she goes, she loves it but she is so worried beforehand, she gets herself all worked up. I have never known a child like her.

Thirdly, we go to ballet about 6 miles from where we live. While this isn't really far, it is enough to have made sure that (a) she hasn't made any friends at ballet as she isn't around locally enough for them to get to know her (which was one of the reasons for joining also) and (b) that I sit there like a vicar at a tarts tea party because all the other mums and dads do live locally and now have got to know each other as they found they live around the corner or the kids go to the same nursery, so they chat and arrange play dates while I stare at my phone bashing away at Angry Birds!  Of course we all spoke to begin with 18 months ago when she started but gradually it's got to the point that a 'hello' is strained.  I have no idea why people behave this way but I've seen it a lot through life. It's just one of those things.  So, I have decided to move S's ballet class to a local venue which is more convenient for me and hopefully will let her get to know some more children who live around here. A win-win situation I'm sure you will agree.  The new ballet teacher has even invited her to their Christmas party ahead of her joining the school. How lovely :)

However, my little chat to her today about how exciting it will be joining a new ballet class with an even prettier tutu has fallen on deaf ears.  Suddenly tonight she has been stressing like you would not believe about leaving her current ballet class.  She has now cried five (count them), yes, five times in bed about the new class. She has just told me she will try it but if she doesn't like it she will go back to the old class. I kind of said we will see (remember that non-committal comment?) and left it at that.

Here's what would have been easier.

January 2013
Saturday morning
"Come on Sophie, ballet time."
Out the door into the car.
Arrive at new ballet school.
"Why are we here mummy?  Why aren't we going to my ballet class?"
"Your ballet class has closed down sweetie so I have found you this lovely new class to go to. Aren't you a lucky girl?"
Usher her into the hall.  
Job done.

Thank heaven I haven't mentioned anything about her changing schools yet!

So, note to self.  No more honesty.  Stick to saying nothing then go for the mother of all lies on the actual day of the event.  


  1. lol I shouldn't laugh but I wish I had decided on the latter option of little white lies and sent my daughter to dance class, said it was part of little girls lives its a must lol she will not go, "dont like performing in front of others so they are all watching me" at school report from her teacher ... "emily likes getting up in front of class and doing some dramatic dance or movement to show something we are doing in class" yeah, what my emily?

    im sure sophie will be fine, dont mention it to her til after christmas lol


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