Off to The Priory - Addicted to Caching

Yes she can see out of that hat
Well, not entirely.  We are kind of addicted to caching, although it hasn't been easy of late to get out as both the little ones have had bad colds, coughs and sore throats. Not ideal weather to drag them around in the mud then.

Today we needed to get some fresh air before we went stir crazy in the house!  Everyone packed into the car, bobble hats, scarves and gloves on and we were away.

We parked up just down the road from The Priory in Woking. In case you're not aware of this The Priory Group are the rather famous hospitals that have been known to treat celebs for their various addictions.  They deal with a variety of issues from the expected ones of alcohol and substance abuse through to more unusual ones such as computers or forensic addictions (what the heck are those - people who watch too much CSI?)  Our local one deals with acute psychiatric illness. I have to say it's a rather nice looking and relaxing building, even on a dreary day.

Our first cache was called Humps and was nice and obvious, except I was on the wrong side of the road. Oh well. It was then that I realised I had come out without my bag and that meant no pen. Oh dear. Only one thing to do, photographs at locations where no pen was present!  The joys of a smartphone.  Here's S holding the cache and N admiring her wellies.

We carried on around the corner past a group of landscapers doing the rather pointless task of collecting up leaves.  With the wind blowing and the rain coming down, it seemed a bit of a futile exercise but they were doing their best.

Here's the Priory Hospital itself. I bet it is glorious around here in the summer as it is surrounded by green fields.

The Priory Hospital, Woking
Heading to the next cache involved a rather steep, around 12% gradient hill that was just a mud bath.  Hubby (who you may recall does not wear/have wellies) was trying to negotiate himself and S around the edges.  N and I, wearing wellies, were slipping and sliding down the middle. Even we had to get to the edge eventually as I could see me whizzing past hubby on my backside with N face down in the mud beside me (remember our last muddy walk out?).

We got to near GZ for Up on the Ridge and realised where we had to go.  This was going to be fun in rain and mud.  Off I went.  GPS was having a mad moment so it seemed to be between two objects.  I noticed some string hanging down from one but chose to ignore it and looked at the other one.  Hubby clearly was desperate to have a go so I took over hand-holding of the girls having half slid, half run down the slope and up he went, straight to the string which was attached to the cache.  As they say in CSI "Nobody ever looks up".  So, that taught me. Hold on, is that a forensic addiction showing?  So he brought me the cache which I signed and then replaced.

We were going to walk to the next one but it was starting to rain very hard and we thought we may be pushing our luck for our first trip out with the girls since they had been unwell.  Two in hand, it was time to get home in the warm and dry.

We went back past the landscapers who were still trying to fight the same piles of leaves it seemed.

I do think that they could make thigh-high wellies for kids though as my two both had soaking wet tights when we got home from jumping in puddles. Perhaps I could take that idea to the Dragons Den?


  1. I think you need all in ones for the girls with their wellies, I remember our D being N's age and having an all in one for when it was wet days as he loved puddles, would strip him off he was dry underneath and put the waterproof all in one to dry, wish i still had it, id send it to your for N

    1. They are on the wish list for Christmas and the outlaws are buying them for each of the girls! Great minds Angie :) x


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