Monday, 5 November 2012

Quiet please, we are playing golf

We took my step-sister and niece out on Saturday to introduce them to geocaching.  

To make life nice and simple, we spotted that a few more caches had been placed around a local golf course and as we knew the area, we popped our wellies on and headed off in search of tupperware.

We were chatting away and the girls were laughing when we rounded a corner to be met with a chorus of "Shush!" from golfers about to tee-off.  Oh come on, there is a public footpath running less than five feet away from where you want to bash your little white ball into oblivion and you are getting all grouchy about people walking along it chatting away?  Telling children to be quiet as a man wants to hit a ball is ridiculous and just begs for a series of "Why?" questions.  Some people need to relax a bit.  I'm sure I heard a grumble about 'children being allowed around the area'.  Hey grumpy - tough titty!

Despite the occasional golf-bore, this is a nice area to walk around as it has some good pathways to follow between the areas of the course.  My step-sister was delighted to find her first cache and the addiction took hold quickly.  Isn't it amazing how excited we all get over plastic tubs in the undergrowth!

At one point we clearly went wrong and instead of going down the public footpath, we strayed onto the path the golfers take around the course.  Instant calling at us ensued.  Apparently they were concerned about us being hit by balls but by the looks of indignation, it was more about the fact that these people and children had breached their sanctuary.  Odd how nearly everyone out was a man.  Escaping the domineering wives perhaps as they were quite whiny about it rather than just informing us of the facts.

No problem, we turned around and went the right way, finding some more caches.  

I have to say that maybe just to be a tad annoying make a point, we were a little on the loud side searching for one cache where the path ran between the areas of the course and we spotted the same "Shush" men tee-ing off again.  I don't think they could spot us in the trees but I did notice them looking over and they appeared to be grumbling to one another.  Well, if you want complete silence, I suggest you join a more exclusive golf course that doesn't have a public footpath running all around and through it. *sticks tongue out*

We had a fab time. We found five caches in all and a couple were quite tricky little devils so we were very pleased.  The girls found two golf balls and as we were leaving, S asked a set of golfers if they would like the ball she had found and they graciously said that was very kind of her and took it.  See, there are some nice folk around.


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  2. All in all, it was a good day, right? Playing golf will be a great hobby and a way to spend quality time with your family and relatives. It is also a healthy activity because it can burn a good amount of calories. In addition, it can improve one’s concentration because of the skills needed in the game.

    Doug Dillenbeck

    1. I tried golf once. As the saying goes "Drive for show, putt for doe". I was all show ;-)