5 caches and 2 FTFs - a good day

Not a yummy sandwich
Dragged J out kicking and screaming today.  OK, not quite kicking and screaming but she wasn't brimming with enthusiasm to start with. I needed some fresh air as I've been a bit housebound this week with the girls and it's nice to get out with her and do some caches quickly and near roads and places it's not quite as good to take the little ones.

We parked up easily and walked off to In a Massive Sandwich. I had guessed what it was likely to be as we approached and J made the find.  Not exactly an easy place to be inconspicuous! One down.

We walked up the road towards the next cache, Special Branch.  Now this bottom part of the road is two-way but when you get to the public footpath and farm, it becomes one-way but judging by the speed of the cars travelling up here, they all assume they aren't going to meet anyone coming the other way. I'm rather surprised not to see little piles of glass and metal at the roadside.  We were safe and ducked down the footpath towards GZ.  GPS playing up a little bit due to tree coverage but as we walked under a tree that had fallen across the path, J spotted something but we carried on for a moment as the GPS was taking us past.  It adjusted itself and J went in for the find.  Good spot and the very thing she had noticed.  We were about to carry on up the footpath when I did a refresh of the map and a new cache had appeared - Hooked!  J said "I want a FTF" so off we went.

This really was taking out life into our hands in the name of tupperware as we had to go up the one-way part proper now and there was no footpath.  Instead of racing up the road like headless chickens, we really should have headed back to the car and driven up but we were on a mission.  I've got a cough and cold but still I was being marched up the hill by J, as we clambered up the bank a few times to let speeding cars through (at least they were only coming from behind us!).

Two FTFs in this ring of trees (image Google Earth)
At the top we went past the turning we needed so had to double back.  Blasted GPS.  As we approached, we spotted the pond and had some ideas.  Compass was bouncing between two suspects so we took one each.  As we were rummaging around, a lady approached us (where did she come from?) and asked what we were doing. We were cornered so I had no choice but to explain.  She commented that it was interesting but don't people need permission for that kind of thing?  I said they did when it was on private land and cache owners were generally very good about asking.  She pointed out that even public footpaths went through land owned by someone.  It was then that she said she owned the pond and wanted to know what had been put there.  I explained some more and offered that if we found the cache we would show her if she was happy for us to do so (I didn't want to be trespassing!). She said that would be good and went a little way down the road to clear leaves.  I suddenly spotted something and the cache was in hand. Brilliant!  I called to the lady and she came to have a look and asked me what now happened to it and how long would it be there, etc. I was feeling very awkward and said perhaps it would be wise of me to contact the cache owner and ask him to get in touch with her. She provided me with her phone numbers and name and said she would have a chat to him as it could be that the cache may not be able to stay there (I won't say why as it would give too much away). [It turns out the CO spoke to her and all is well, it can stay]

We signed the log - a FTF for us both, although J said "I haven't actually found it properly myself though" but hey, she was searching with me.  She was so excited about this first though that she stuffed the log back into its container without the protective plastic bag. Oh no.  We both tried for a good 20 minutes to get it out again but I had swapped handbags and had no helpful implements with me :(  We had to give up in the end and just let the CO know - with her sincere apologies.

Back we went down the dodgy road scrambling up the bank again for passing cars and back to our car and home for some lunch.

However, I could not log this last cache as it kept giving me a message saying "The listing has been locked and is not accepting new log entries."  

I decided to check what this could mean so I asked on the Facebook geocaching group and it seems that either Groundspeak or the Publisher may have locked it. I wonder why?  I emailed the cache owner to mention this and also tell him about the conversation I had with the lady and pass on her details. I hope he's not in trouble as he's a very nice chap and has placed lots of caches around us. [All resolved in the end and successfully logged - still no idea why it did this though]

We had some lunch then realised another cache by our friendly cache owner that had appeared seemed to still be unfound so off we went again.  A short walk down by the golf course and we had Really Branching Out in hand. A 'true' FTF for J this time and she was delighted.  A fox was running backwards and forwards across the path around us which was interesting to see.

Can you spot the fox?
We had a walk down to KBR 18 Revival that we needed to collect and then realised this would have been a much safer (even if a tad longer) route back to our car last time rather than run the gauntlet of the one-way system on foot.  There was that fox again...or was it another one?

Back to the car very satisfied. It's not often you go out to hoover up a few odd caches around the area and end up being lucky enough to get two FTFs as well :)


  1. Well done on the FTFs not sure if that means first to find or Find The Fox? hehe Yes I spotted the fox ;)

    I very rarely take the teenager, I think he has been on two geocaching trips and in all that time he has actually gone "mum is this it?" and found it mostly i'm a solo geocacher as I get more done.

    1. I'm glad that my girl does enjoy it but it can take a bit of persuasion in the colder weather ;-)


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